Bela 1 month ago
#1 girls learn at an early age that no matter what they ordered, they want part of what "YOU" ordered
Pres 1 month ago
And that's one of the many reasons we love them.
Riche 1 month ago

Why the down votes?
Prudy 1 month ago
Consider the source and you'll know why.
Patience 1 month ago
#2 a Chevy Luv cannot pull that horse trailer, city boy.
Brina 1 month ago
#2 Climate change is fake!
Deborah 1 month ago
Brina, Prove it. And before you say I should prove it's real, there are loads of scientific studies by known researchers detailing why climate change is real and exactly explaining why. Pick one, tell me which you chose, and why they are wrong if you can.
Ebenezer 1 month ago

just listen to climate experts on climate summit what they are saying when asked offcamera about climate changes.
Ask yourself why are you talking about climate change and not about global warming?
Climate change is natural phenomenon and climate changes since begining. Global warming is passe, it can't be substantiated so we now have climate change.


your "known researchers" asserted that ocean level will rise 100 meters deluging many countries by now. ups they were wrong. icebergs melt? In the same time on the other side of globe ice is created.
Heidi 1 month ago

oh wow, that some demented thinking there my friend.
nobody "off camera" say that they don't "believe in in climate change" that's just your wishful thinking
yes the variation of the climate is natural, but the climate change extremes we are seeing are due to our pollution and it's not only fairly easy to understand, it's proven every year with the breach of record temperatures.
the average temperature are increasing, even if it's not longer referred as global warming, it's still the same.

and nobody has said the ocean will rise a 100 meters, over the last 100 years the sea has risen 6 to 8 inches, the sea rise by 2100 is expected to be about 7 foot.
and the main issue with ice is it's not being generated as much as it used to be, and the ice on land is not refreshed either.
Deborah 1 month ago

See, this is what I mean... I simply ask to pick ANY scientific study and come back with a logical reason why they are wrong and what is the reply? Some vague, verifiable accusation about something apparently evert researcher says off camera...
Well, if they say it off camera and thus there is no proof of it. HOW WOULD YOU KNOW ABOUT IT???
So yeah...
Deborah 1 month ago

Unverifiable* Of course but I suppose you'll tell me I slipped, how I know you're actually right, and that I'm actually an agent of the secret conspiracy of Liberal shapeshifting Alien Lizard people. 35
Nat 1 month ago
Deborah, USA USA USA!
Clum 1 month ago
Deborah, I agree with you- there IS climate change- period! Nothing in nature remains exactly the same over time. The natural warming and cooling of the earth has existed for billions of years- long before 'man' was around. It's nothing more than the earth's natural climate self-correction. It's almost comical when climate extremists spew their beliefs about how we (humans) are the cause of global warming. It is nothing more than political agenda. Example: At any one time there are multiple volcanos around the world spewing metric-tons, per minute, of toxic soup into the atmosphere. So to say 'man' has something to do with climate change is ridiculous. The tales of destruction woven by climate extremists is the real problem. So, it is not up to US to prove anything about climate change- it's happening. It is up to you, and your wacko fellow believers, to prove their claims of mass destruction if their politicly-soaked environmental agenda isn't followed. clapping

P.S. The earth isn't flat either. NASA checked! dance3
Deborah 1 month ago

Once again there IS proof. There are enough reports which, once again, you can pick any one from and explain why they are wrong.
If climate change caused by humans is so fake where are the hunderds of scientists and researchers then that can show it's fake?

There IS a 97 -100% consensus among climate scientists that humans are causing it though.
Over 99% of the published papers agree.
You can check the Wikipedia page on "scientific consensus on climate change" and yes, yes... Wikipedia can be edited...
BUT the links on that wiki page to IOP Science, a peer reviewed and highly recommended scientific paper publisher are definitely NOT edited!

And even though the hordes of scientists claiming it's a hoax seem to be missing, a group of 11.000 scientists speatheaded by Oregon State university scientists William J. Ripple and Christopher Wolf that was published in the journal "BioScience" in 2019 are very present.

There was something else you said...
Hmmmm. Oh yeah! Trying to say anyone believing in human caused climate change is the same as a flat Earther and NASA checked...
Well, not only Oregon State university scientists are not known for believing the Earth is flat, NASA itself, as you said, has other views.

Why don't you google "climate nasa gov scientific consensus" since you agree with NASA , see what they have to say about the matter on their own site...
Edwin 1 month ago
Deborah, if global warming were caused by humans there would have been a reversal, or at least a slowdown, since 2020 because man made pollutants are waaay down since then. I support improved pollution control / green initiatives but China and India must FIRST agree.

The EPA reports that emissions of criteria air pollutants and their precursors declined 77 percent between 1970 and 2019. For example, emissions of ammonia and volatile organic compounds, both of which contribute to the formation of criteria air pollutants, declined by 8 and 47 percent, respectively, between 1990 and 2019. Emissions of SO2 declined by 91 percent, while those of carbon monoxide (CO) declined 69 percent. In addition, emissions of air toxics declined 74 percent between 1990 and 2017. Finally, EPA’s 2020 inventory of greenhouse gas emissions, also shows a long-term decline in the emissions of these substances since 2005.
Deborah 1 month ago

So because there has been SOME (and no man made pollution hasn't gone "waaaay down" because of Covid, and even if it did, industries are starting up again) reduction in the past 2 years, that should suddenly reverse the past 60, 70 years of damage?
Nothing on such a vast and complex scale as Earth's ecological system changes that fast...

And yes pollution has gone down thanks to the efforts of US the people that understand dumping and pumping vast amounts of trash and dangerous waste on and and in land, sea, and air is OBVIOUSLY not good . Not you climate deniers.

If I throw 5 barrels of waste that contains biohazard material in a lake for 60 years, and reduce that to 4 AND throwing 2 barrels for for years because I was sick and now start increasing that to 3 barrels again, I don't have a clean healthy lake.

And I said it enough times already; There is enough scientific proof. Pick a paper and explain why it's wrong. As I said, almost every scientist agrees.
I've given names, referrals to scientific paper sites, NASA, etc. All people and places with decades of proven worth. It's enough.
You can find enough universities, institutes, etc yourself saying the same. I found my info in a few minutes on google.

Unless you disprove a scientific paper I see no reason to say more on the matter.
People can decide for themselves.
Mabel 1 month ago

I'm old enough to have been around in the 80's when scientists and "experts", (probably the same ones as now) asserted that an ice age was INEVITABLE before the turn of the century.
Brina 1 month ago

Look. This picture is clearly about a car that is over compensation and eats much more fuel than it is normal. In the US people love cars which made to destroy fuel and not for efficient transportation.
This vehicle is also the symbol of the Ritch who gives a damn about everything else. The symbol of the biggest selfishness that lead nowhere good.

So if you think the comment "climate change is fake" is a statement and not a sarcastic criticism, turn the mirror and look at yourself.
Brina 1 month ago

It was sarcasm.
B please don't you get it?
Oh my! Weakminded people are downwoters.
Minite 1 month ago
#11... I never saw it.... belay
Deidre 1 month ago
In the refection she is kissing him.
Karon 1 month ago
#27 ready for the return of the nephilim.
Cille 1 month ago
With all that glass it'll be easy to see them coming.
Jeremiah 1 month ago
#24 Why do they always put these signs after it is practical to turn back to the nearest gas station?
Jeremiah 1 month ago
#29 Go ahead and ask him what he thinks of his parents.
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