Alison 1 month ago
Interesting how (if at all) ordinary beauty gets to be found in mostly rich or upper class communities. The suburbs of Paris (Banlieue) where mostly poor people live are utter disgusting, and that by purpose/planning. Same thing with other major cities in Europe or the US.
It says: Be happy that you have a roof over your head and shut up you piece of trash!
Deborah 1 month ago

Ugly goes in, ugly comes out. There really some good points this "tutor" makes. After all, if there is trash on a street, people are more likely to litter. And there was far less vandalism after there was classical music being played in public places as an experiment.
Tiff 1 month ago

Most areas that are now slums were nice neighborhoods before the trash moved in.
Deborah 1 month ago

Part of the problem is also slumlords that don't fix buildings. Or the city not tearing down empty buildings that are not being reused.
Those become problem point and take down the neighbourhood.
And trash can live in all neighbourhoods rich or poor. Someone is that lives in a rich neighbourhood paid by being a slumlord is trash too.
Alison 1 month ago

I did not say this 'tutor' was wrong or something. I said it is a question of money in these days. I said down shrottens are purposfully planned like this to make poorer people feel miserable, to put them in place.
Webster 1 month ago
It's easy to explain (in a very over simplified way). Pretty is expensive while bland is not. Do you want to spend $100 million on a new public building or $25 million? No one wants their taxes to go up so the cheapest option is almost always picked, therefore the only places that look "nice" are places where the people have plenty of money to spare. Not that only the rich care about the looks of where they livework but only they can afford to do something about it..
Deborah 1 month ago

I don't think it should cost that more. Don't forget, most of those new buildings had to be designed anyway. And it costs a lot in decoration on a building one way or another. I think it's more logical that modern architects think people only want something modern. So that's all they show to a customer.
Johnny 1 month ago

It's cheaper just to design a square box than a building with decoration...
Deborah 1 month ago

I don't think an architect is gonna charge less for a modern looking building.
If you want a building and go to an architect, they design one for you. It's not like an architect just says they'll charge €7000 less if they can draw a simple box shape.
And most modern buildings aren't simple boxes. But that doesn't mean it's pretty.

Plus what the "Tutor" is talking about is more than just buildings. Benches, trashcans, etc. And these get replaced for newer designs from time to time anyway.
So it won't cost any more taxes.

For the taxes argument (and I know these are not all your arguments, but it's easier to write it here), if there is an extra spending on things like these, taxes aren't even issue.

You won't get money back if the don't build it, you won't have to pay extra if the build it, and there are a lot of other ways governments or cities waste money that's not needed by simply not modernizing for example. So if wasting money is anyone's biggest concern, there are beeter ways to fight that.
Natasha 1 month ago
I realize that you are just trying to make an extreme example, but it normally does not cost four times as much to add aesthetic details when constructing a building, a park bench, or a rubbish bin.
There is an ongoing movement in my city to add murals to the sides of otherwise drab buildings. The artists volunteer their time and the building owners just cover the cost of the paint; a minimal expense for a larger return.
Deborah 1 month ago

That's A good way to change this too.
Or how about older, retired people that can sculpt or help with some light work in constructing these things.
A lot of these people like to do little anyway especially because most had real work ethnic which became a habit.
Volunteering a day or two with a small compensation, a free lunch, and the company of others doesn't cost much and even helps them out.

Or enlist the homeless. By far most are not in that situation by choice but just don't know how to get out of it.
A small salary might get them off the street as well. You could even restore a few disused buildings as living spaces for them relatively cheap. It won't end homelessness, but could reduce it.
Ellie 1 month ago
There are a lot of negative comments here. But the point is that beauty is worth the cost, if only we realized it.
Pleasant 1 month ago
There are a lot of negative comments in general on Izismile these days, and it seems to get worse each day. It has become less and fun to come here and read comments. I'm starting to treat Izismile the way I treat YouTube; I just enjoy the offerings while ignoring the opinions.
Deborah 1 month ago

I was just thinking the same. But a solution would be if you'd help a bit to spread positivity.
Upvote positive comments, downvote the negative ones, and place a few positive remarks here and there.
People will be influenced even if it doesn't seem like it. And with any luck, others will follow. I'll try to do the same from now on.

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