Kingston 3 month s ago
#23 Don't give them ideas
Tim 3 month s ago
#14 I guess that makes easy target practice. 35
Penelope 3 month s ago
#3 and dad is right. Some day you'll grow up enough to realize it. Probably long after he's gone and you cannot say you're sorry.
Deborah 3 month s ago
Louisa 3 month s ago
You certainly get wound up over self-mutilation.
Why is that?
Deborah 3 month s ago

You certainly get wounded over something people freely want to have.
Why is that?
Kingsley 3 month s ago
Some people freely want to have sex with farm animals. The number of people wanting something is no indicator of legitimacy.
Deborah 3 month s ago

You're comparing getting a permanent picture on your body with...barnyard animal erotica?
Great argument!
I have to give you one point in that the number of people is no indicator of legitimacy. in general.
But in this discussion mentioning that has no place.

Only a pretty small number looks at Bily the barnyard goat that way compared to the millions upon millions that have gotten a tattoo. Not to mention that we have no idea how many more got one throughout the long history of humanity. So those numbers are not exactly equal.
But more importantly is the fact that animal abuse, sexual or otherwise, is clearly illegitimate in just about every country and getting a tattoo is very much legitimate...

But your comment is pretty nonsensical in any case because my point was never that getting a tattoo was fine in my opinion because of this sheer numbers getting one...
Or even if I personally thought it was ok to get a tattoo at all. (I clearly think it's ok because there's no logical reason why someone shouldn't get one if they want one but that's besides the point.)

My point was simply that an overwhelmingly percentage of people that got a tattoo didn't regret it later in life. Which I proved by telling you the statistics of surveys.
I really don't understand why you were unable to read my original comment correctly but ok...

Hope this cleared things up to you.
The original argument was that people regret will regret it.
Lula 3 month s ago
They'll regret it when they see what their skin and that ink looks like in 40 or 50 years.
Archibald 3 month s ago
Deborah, I bet when people start talking about you to your mom she quickly changes the subject - am I right?
Deborah 3 month s ago

Nope! And I doubt you are ever right about something.

You know I was right about though? That there is yet another guy that can't simply explain why I'm wrong and has to resort to cheap insults.

You...do understand that every time comments like you just did or downvotes me without telling me how I'm wrong you don't "get back at me or hurt me or something?

You're just telling me you're childish and can't accept you might be wrong and can't be grownup enough to discuss a point.
This is not an elementary school playground, son. Acting like this doesn't work in the real world.
Morris 3 month s ago
Right on Penelope
Deborah 3 month s ago
Gertrude 3 month s ago

...so, here you go again, you disgusting hateful slob...for a time, as I witnessed, you were making lighthearted comments here and there and hiding in plain sight but once again, you jump in to twist words and sneer and put people down in your smug sarcastic sickening method of self congratulation because you just...can't...resist. I'm not the only one who notices, though, for others here have pointed how fanatic you are, doing what you do, and that was very satisfying to me that your rep proceeds you. as for me, I'm back to let you how I consider you to be one of the most vile sub human slobs it's ever been my sorry pleasure to run into online and everything else out of your little 'reply' playbook is irrelevant except you know my utter hatred for your existence. I'm sure you'll regurgitate some kind of nonsense, but again, irrelevant. you disgust me on a visceral level, you hateful slob. that's all that matters.
Deborah 3 month s ago

"Here you go again"? I might say the same about you...
Judging on the "hateful this, hateful that" wording you are that guy that a month ago went on a rage spree and said something similar on every comment of a day vowing you'd be here every day reminding me how much you hated me as if that matters to me. Well, only took you a month to fulfil your vow...

At least you haven't lost your obsessive stalker charm seeing as you apparently checked for my comments for a few days. You probably imagined you were a super spy casing a target before you had worked up the nerve to react the whole time. Btw, don't know I was hiding since it was clearly me but ok.

Well, let me in closing regurgitate some nonsense. This is the culmination that started by a myth someone said. I busted that myth by facts and logic. And now a few can't accept the fact you were clearly wrong about something millions of people want to have of their free will.
And once again you a have no facts, proof, or a logical argument why you're right and therefore resort to petty name calling, lies, insinuations, and nonsense as if that actually makes you correct.

Anyway, I'll probably here from you in another month still unable to have a calm, reasonable argument...

Oh and letting me know some rando on the Internet hates me because I believe logic and facts really doesn't do anything to me for some reason.
But you believe it does despite lacking logic and facts but keep at it if you just...can't...resist, and if it makes you (un)happy...

Here have some flowers: vishenka_33
Temperance 3 month s ago
The only thing you're good at is garnering the most downvotes of any commenter.
That should tell you something, if only you had the brains to realize it.
Deborah 3 month s ago

The only thing I see is a lot of people that react with insults and downvotes but are not able to simply explain why I'm wrong. Just like you now. That should tell you something, if only you had the brains to realize it.

Let me counter with how it should be done: You claim I get the most downvotes of any commenter. But the fact is that on the posts of this day alone, on the morning gifdump post Riche alone got 10 downvotes and Lucas got -15 something I never even gotten.

The day before that I see at least 15 different people that got at least 7 downvotes. The before that I see a whole post with different people saying different things with everyone getting downvoted with an average of -9.
Or how about midge whose comments are regularly are hidden due to the low rating which I, once again never got?

Downvote this without explaining why I'm wrong and/or be the next in line that thinks an insult makes you right if that makes you happy.
I know the downvotes actually stand for people like you that can't accept I am right about a something they don't like, that I can back it up with facts and logic, and they can't.
They can't explain why I'm wrong so they downvote or react with insults. I always love the downvotes I get on topics like this. At least when no one simply can explain why I'm so wrong. Those kinds of downvotes are just proof of how I'm right but certain people just can't accept it.

I said before that I'm always open for a calm, logical discussion. Reacting like you just did instead of picking that option should tell you more than enough, if only you would be rational enough to realize it...
Gertrude 3 month s ago

lol it DOES bother you, you obsessive cow. Again, no matter what little come back you pull out your reply book next, to deflect, rearrange, pat yourself on the back or award yourself the moral high ground, the fact remains you are here to sneer, condemn, criticize and judge people like the reply troll you are...and that includes your newest 'I argue facts!' this laughable calm and collected facade you're so desperate to prove, when I am proceeding from WAY before that and how you proved yourself to be a hateful slob sneering at everyone. Deny it all you like, yet you're back here to address EVERYONE who replies, immediately, and the secret is out. YOU are a hate filled slob and I despise your existence for how you spray yourself with teflon. Anything you say to me is irrelevant, and I don't need to explain anything because that feeds your psychosis. At the end, I enjoy that you absorb my hatred and then try and put yourself above it....you hateful slob.
Kissy 3 month s ago
And that's what you get for deciding to put chia seeds on anything other than a clay head (or animal)...
Brina 3 month s ago
#1 Gabi Tóth sometimes looks like this artist.
Serena 3 month s ago
#61 $15 for a plate a Goodwill?? GTFO!! They get the sh#t for free!
Kristy 3 month s ago
Hey Serena,
You ain't very bright are you?
It's not the cost of the plate "pumpkin",
it's the cost of getting it to people like you who shop there.
Bedney 3 month s ago
In my area, Goodwill no longer will pick up anything, nor will they unload it. You have to take it to them and carry it in the store.
Lorraine 3 month s ago
#1 thats satanism looks like
Sig 3 month s ago
Lorraine, [email protected]#kn hate that b*tch
Lorraine 3 month s ago
35 35 35
Marilyn 3 month s ago
#6 My OCD prevents me from dealing with the fact that the text is off-center.
Archibald 3 month s ago
#36 - a key doesn’t just happen to break off in the lock. If you are impatient and twist it to hard then that’s what you get.
Elbertson 3 month s ago
#11, That's a short arm.
Olph 3 month s ago
#61 $15 at a thrift store is a steal. No, it really is. It is theft from your wallet.
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