1. Darren McCarty
2. Riley Cote
3. Eric Godard
4. Justin Selman
5. Rob Schremp
6. Karolina Urban
7. Marvin Degon

As the tide turns on cannabis regulations in the USA, more people are opening up about their support of the herb. One of the latest topics is that of hockey players and weed.

Although marijuana is legal in many states, certain regions still view it as taboo. In sports, the stigma surrounding cannabis and related products is slowly fading.

The athletic community is beginning to see the potential health benefits of the plant. Some sports professionals even grow https://homegrowncannabisco.com/sativa-seeds and other variants for personal use. Many players are championing further relaxation of restrictive laws.

Are you ready to discover who some of these advocates are?

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1. Darren McCarty

Darren McCarty is a former hockey player known for his time as a Detroit Red Wings forward.

The sportsman won the Stanley Cup four times, ending his career in 2009. Aside from his time on the ice, he’s also a firm believer in the beneficial properties of cannabis.

While he isn’t precisely a stoner hockey player, he’s passionate about the herb. He launched his 420 product line in 2020, which falls under the Darren McCarty Brand.

The cannabis initiative collaborates with Pincanna and offers a variety of products infused with CBD, THC, and CBN.

2. Riley Cote

Now a transformational life coach, Riley Cote once made his mark on the ice hockey stage. Known for his enforcer role, his time with the Philadelphia Flyers is the most memorable phase of his career.

The star won several awards for his phenomenal skills, but his time on the rink ended in 2010 due to concussion-related injuries.

Cote openly advocates for marijuana, claiming to have experienced the plant’s alleged benefits firsthand.

He says he was exposed to cannabis from a young age and was among the weed-smoking hockey players in the NHL.

When Cote started playing professionally, he discovered the reported therapeutic benefits of weed and said he found it helpful for managing pain.

Later, he co-founded BodyChek Wellness, a company dedicated to facilitating healing naturally. Among his products are CBD extracts derived from hemp.

These treatments are gaining traction in sports, with ice hockey legend Scott Parker thriving again thanks to a “CBD brain hug.”

3. Eric Godard

Eric Godard, a former ice hockey player, and Stanley Cup winner, also makes the list of weed advocates. The sportsman filled the right-wing position for the New York Islanders, Calgary Flames, and Pittsburgh Penguins.

Godard is a member of the Athletes for CARE community. This non-profit organization supports research on how cannabis can treat traumatic brain injuries.

4. Justin Selman

Hockey gets highly physical, and injuries often occur in the sport. Justin Selman endured multiple concussions and retired from playing due to these afflictions.

His recovery wasn’t easy, but there are reports of cannabis playing a role in his treatment. The star is the co-founder of Topline Elite Hockey and still shows a passion for the sport.

5. Rob Schremp

Rob Schremp is an ice hockey center who retired from professional playing in 2018. He advocates for cannabis and believes it has therapeutic properties.

Hockey players and weed are a fitting pair considering the plant’s reported advantages. Schremp admits using the herb to help with his undiagnosed anxiety and depression. He also claims that CBD helps him sleep better.

The athlete currently works with VEDA, which uses cannabinoid-rich hemp extracts to assist players who want alternative treatments.

6. Karolina Urban

When it comes to female athletes, Karolina Urban is a household name. She’s an ice and street hockey player who started her professional career in 2012.

The sports star has several awards and is also a marijuana advocate. Urban is a member of the Athletes for CARE organization.

7. Marvin Degon

Marvin Degon played a defensive position for several teams in his professional career. Life on the ice is challenging for the body, and fast recovery times are essential.

Do hockey players only smoke weed to heal? Not necessarily; some rely on oils, tinctures, and edibles. Degon discovered cannabis isolates as a solution for the beating his body took from the sport.

CBD, in particular, has been instrumental to his health improvements.

After experiencing the results, he wants to help other athletes by exposing them to the reported therapeutic advantages of marijuana. He joined VEDA in his mission to spread the word.

7 hockey players who support weed