Let’s look at it this way, you are in college to learn. Possibly to apply your knowledge to your job. So what happens if you can’t seem to retain most of what you learn?

It must make things hard for you, right? Well, not to worry, we are here to give you tips to solve that. We are going to give you tips to help you retain most of what you learn.

Read on to find out how.

    ⦁   Read Less.

Yes, that’s right. Read less. Information overload is one of the biggest reasons for minimum retention. So after class, go for a walk. Take a novel with you. Relax. Then afterwards, you can read a bit more. Smaller bits of information are easier to remember and retain for future reference.

    ⦁   Narrate To Yourself.

You could be studying something quite complex. That does not mean you cannot break it down into a story-like form. Talk to yourself. Make the content make sense to you. In fact, go ahead and make conversation boxes with all the important points for easy recall.

Trust us, you could be sitting an exam and this is how you will remember the points. As a story, you told yourself.

    ⦁   Interact With Your Studies.

Students who interact more with their studies tend to recall more of what they are learning. Interacting could be making flash cards. It could also be forming a discussion group to handle some of the concepts with your classmates.

You could also find games or virtual learning activities that make it easier to learn and recall. Also, online platforms such as www.vivaessays.com/ will give you professional and interesting sample papers according to your topics that you can read to learn better.

In other cases, you will learn to write better.

    ⦁   Repetition.

Always repeat. Always go back to your previous studies. If left alone for too long, you will most likely forget. Let’s take for instance Math, practice makes it better. If you leave off the concepts for too long, you will not remember what they are about.

But if you make it a practice to redo the concepts every few weeks, they stay in your mind longer. And it works for all subjects you study.

    ⦁   Associate to Real Life.

Lastly, we will advise that you associate everything you learn with real-life events. For example, opportunity cost is a business concept. However, it is rooted in reality. When you look at what people do in real life, it influences everything you learn.

So it is entirely possible to relate what you study to events happening in real time. They will make much more sense if you do. When you form a mental picture of what it would look like, that picture might remain in your head.

Wrapping Up.

Learning might seem like a difficult thing. Made even worse if you cannot remember any or very little. With the tips above, it should get easier with time and you shouldn’t be surprised when you are suddenly an A+ student.

5 Study Tips for College Students to Maximize Retention and Success.