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Riddles Answers (50 pics)

Posted in Iziblog 17 Jun 2016   / 884 views

Izismile mobile. Finally. It has arrived

Posted in Iziblog 20 Jun 2015   / 7368 views

Type izismile.com in your mobile or tablet and you will love it.
Fast, smooth and beautiful - the new design shines like a brilliant.
Experience the edge of technologies combined with the izismile's superb content.
Don't forget to report a bug to admin@izismile.com. If you found any.
Izismile mobile. Finally. It has arrived

New Comments System

Posted by admin3 in Iziblog 27 Dec 2012   / 4410 views

Hey Guys!

We have implemented a new comments system. The old system will still be there for the transition period. Hope you’ll like the new one.

Have a nice day and see you tomorrow!

New Comments System

Fake Alert

Posted in Iziblog 24 Dec 2012   / 2646 views

Thanks for your concerns about the site’s safety. We're aware of the issue and are working to fix this asap.

Izismile is safe itself. The problem was in advertising which is stopped for now.

I hope Google will remove Izismile from the blacklist during the day.


Fake Alert

We Wish You a Merry Christmas!

Posted in Iziblog 24 Dec 2012   / 8937 views

Hey Izismilers,

It’s a Holiday Season so our updates won’t be regular as usual. Yup, we need some time to celebrate it and have some fun too :)

Anyway, the next update will be after Christmas, on December 26 until the end of the week and the one after that will be  after the New Year, on January 7.


So, all our team wish you to spend a great time this Christmas and on New Year’s night, to have fun and relax if you are on vacation.

Cheers to all of you and see you soon!


We Wish You a Merry Christmas!

Welcome to Mobile Izismile

Posted in Iziblog 5 Nov 2011   / 7978 views

The mobile version of izismile is finalized! Yay!!

So for all of you who use a lot your cell phones and pads it will be quite convenient.

Two important things: the videos run smoothly and the site is completely ad free, so you won’t wait long for the pages to load.

Have fun and have a great weekend!




Welcome to Mobile Izismile

A Few Words about Videos on Izismile

Posted in Iziblog 25 Oct 2011   / 3491 views

Hey Izismilers,


You’ve probably already noticed that for several weeks now some videos can be watched directly on the main page without an additional click inside the post. Well, this is not the only change on the site. From now on, you can also watch videos on the iPhone, iPad and all the mobiles with Android OS and other devices. Hope it is good news for you.If videos don’t work on your mobile, let us know about it in the comments and don’t forget to include your phone brand and we will try to fix it.Cheers and have a nice day on Izismile ;)


Izismile Team


A Few Words about Videos on Izismile

New DamnHot Comeback!

Posted in Iziblog 29 Sep 2011   / 6393 views

Hey Guys!


You’ve already heard about DamnHot.net website. I must tell, for some time we didn’t know what exactly we’re gonna do with it. Finally, we came up with an idea. We changed completely the way the site looks and its form. So, you should check it out, I’m sure you’ll like it.  As we have a lot of other pictures that are left out because they are too spicy for izismile, we figured why not to post them there. Just to clear up, not all of them are spicy, there will also be wtf pics, funny pics and some of the best gifs, but the majority of them are with girls. So, have a quick look at it and enjoy!


P.S. Don’t forget to bookmark DamnHot and follow us on Facebook.




New DamnHot Comeback!

Want NSFW? Here we go!

Posted in Iziblog 13 Sep 2011   / 46690 views

Hi to all Izismilers!

Today we have two great news for you. From now on, we will add again photos of seductive and sexy beauties on the site. BUT ... not everybody will be able to view these posts, only registered users.


Want NSFW? Here we go!

So if you haven’t registered yet, you can do this by clicking HERE.

Secondly, the posts with girls will not appear on the home page (since our site is visited by families too), and will be available by clicking the link Spicy in your profile (see screenshot).


Want NSFW? Here we go!


To go to your profile you need to click on the link My profile or type in the browser: https://izismile.com/user/admin/ (where admin have to be replaced by your nickname). There won’t be any nudity, but we promise you lots of ​​beautiful, hot and seductive girls every day.


Your Izismile Team

Izismile page on Facebook

Posted in Iziblog 18 Jun 2011   / 2302 views

To All Izismilers,

It’s been some time that our account on Facebook was suspended.
We wrote them there but they couldn’t restore the FB account of our websites.
They informed us that some of the visitors thought that our updates were spam as they were very frequent.
But we created a new account and invite you all to join us on Facebook again. From now on, all the updates will be manual and moderate. We will post only the most interesting and entertaining content. LIKE our new Facebook page! Click the link.

Thank you for understanding and sorry for the inconvenience,
Izismile team

Ads with Automatic Sound

Posted in Iziblog 15 Jun 2011   / 5153 views

Ads with Automatic Sound


Dear Izismilers,


Over the past few weeks, we got more complaints that advertisement on izismile.com appeared with a sound which is very annoying to watch the content on the site. It is even more annoying for those who are at work. This situation is very uncomfortable for us as well. We are against such advertising, and always fight with those advertisers who are unfairly trying to show these ad banners on izismile.


I want to emphasize once again; our internal policy include a total ban on display of any advertisement (audio and video) with automatic sound. You can play a video ad on the site to watch it but only you should be able to turn it on. In all advertising programs where izismile participates, we activated filters to prohibit display of advertising with automatic sound on our site.


Yesterday the first steps have been taken to eradicate such ads. Several advertisers were banned. We hope that you won’t see or hear advertising with automatic sound anymore. However, if you come across such a banner, then in order to help us remove it from the site, you'll need to do the following:

1. Make a screenshot of the banner with the sound.

2. Click on the banner and copy the link to the site where the banner leads.

3. Email me the link and the screenshot to admin@izismile.com as soon as possible.

Only together can we overcome this stuff on Izi. Thank you.


PS. We’d like to ask all of you to take part in the poll inside this post and specify in the comments which country you are in (this is important because advertising with automatic sound is targeted, i.e. they will only show it in certain countries).

Welcome Back to Izismile! (3 pics)

Posted in Iziblog 20 Mar 2011   / 5532 views

UPDATE. See inside the post.


Welcome Back to Izismile!


We hope you enjoy our facelift! We decided after listening to all of our Izismiler’s that it was time for a change, to drop our old looking design and pick up on something a bit more new. With any new venture there are sure to be bugs and minor problems, so we hope that you will bear with us as we put the new site online. If you run into anything that is odd, quirky, bizarre (not our normal bizarre) on our website, please let us know by contacting us (or admin@izismile.com). Please put in the subject line something like Izismile Website Feedback, or Broken, we will get the picture.


We plan on adding in more new features including searching, an easier sign-on method, and revamping the services pages. Don’t be shy, if you see something that you don’t like, feel free to give us your suggestions, issues, and we would love happy feedback as well.


Izismile Staff

Happy Moolidays to All Izismilers!

Posted in Iziblog 24 Dec 2010   / 4613 views

We wanted to take a moment to thank each and every one of you for hanging out with us through the year, and we hope that Santa drops in and leaves you all a little something in your Christmas stocking. Now keep in mind we didn’t say what we wanted him to drop in there so don’t be surprised to see coal, peanuts, or even some reindeer poo!

Happy Moolidays to All Izismilers!

Izismile Will Be Updated on Saturdays

Posted in Iziblog 10 Dec 2010   / 1213 views

Hey Izismilers!
We finally start to update the site on Saturdays! Even if it’s a half of series' updates but you’ll definitely find something interesting here or simply kill time with a smile
Don’t miss it, same hours as during the week.

We’re waiting on you,
IziSmile Team

Izismile Will Be Updated on Saturdays

Izismile Goes Mobile

Posted in Iziblog 8 Dec 2010   / 2729 views

Izismile Goes Mobile


Izismile mobile is fast, kinda pretty and comfy.
It works on all mobile phones’ default or installed browsers.
It was made with love. Come, look, use it. Don’t forget to tell your friends.

Videos don’t run on all phones and/or browsers, but they should definitely run in cell phones with installed Adobe Flash Lite.
We ask all visitors to test the video and write in your comments to this post:
- your cell phone brand;
- the name of the operating system;
- the name of the browser;
- if videos are running smoothly or not.
We will study the information and publish brands of cell phones that support videos.
If videos aren’t running, you can download the flv or mp4 file situated under the video player and watch them on your cell phone.

For more information, see our Mobile section. There is also a FAQ on how to use the mobile site.

Watermarks on Izismile. Part 2

Posted in Iziblog 8 Dec 2010   / 1304 views

Hello Izismilers,

Thanks to everyone who supported our idea with watermarks on the site. We also thank to everyone who expressed their critical opinion regarding this idea. I will dot the i's and cross the t's right away. You can say whatever you want, but we reserve the right of the final decision. Those who doesn’t want to stay on the site are free to go, we don’t hold anyone here against their will. For those who stay, we will do the most comfortable conditions to use the site.

Many opinions were expressed in the comments and a lot of different questions were asked. It is impossible to answer all the questions, there are too many. So here, we will try to highlight the most topical questions in the form of a short FAQ.

Q.: Is it really necessary to put watermarks on the photos in Daily picdump and These funny animals?
A.: Yes. Every day we spend more than 5 hours to find the pictures for these posts and add them to izismile. Then we see such a picture: competitor websites pay us a little visit and 5 minutes later, they repost all the pictures we found looking through dozens of links. We want our visitors to be the first to see the pictures that we collect for them and to see them on izismile, rather than on other sites, so we will put the watermarks... [Read more]

Watermarks on Izismile. Part 2

Watermarks on Izismile: Why, Where, for How Long…

Posted in Iziblog 6 Dec 2010   / 1344 views

We didn’t want to do this for a long time, but we are obliged to this now.
From today, we will put temporary watermarks in these two posts: Daily picdump and These funny animals. But this measure is forced as we are tired to see how our efforts and work which we spend a lot of hours on is copypasted to dozens of other entertainment websites in minutes.
Watermarks are temporary. They will disappear in 24-48 hours, after the posts were added.
So, those who are opposed to watermarks completely, can visit us a day after the posts are published. Then there will be no more watermarks.

Thank you for your understanding,
IziSmile Team

Watermarks on Izismile: Why, Where, for How Long…

Izismile is experiencing problems. Need your help

Posted in Iziblog 24 Nov 2010   / 1919 views

In recent days, we have received several complaints that in some posts, only half pictures were opening and the video didn’t load completely or interrupted, but the status bar showed that the video was fully loaded.

After moving to the new servers, we have still not fully set them up, so there may be minor problems. We will fix this all as soon as possible, please be patient.

To understand better the source of the problem, we ask everyone who has the above troubles to write about it and indicate in the comments: from what country you are, if you have problems with pictures, videos, or with both. If you have any other comments about the site functioning, write about that too.

Your comments will help us to understand and quickly fix the problem so that it was comfortable and convenient to use IZI.

Thank you,
IziSmile Team

Izismile is experiencing problems. Need your help

It's Time to Send us Your Awesome Photos

Posted in Iziblog 21 Oct 2010   / 9433 views



Dear Citizens of IziSmile!


We are saddened by the lack of submissions we have gotten so far!!! We are getting submissions which do not fit into our category of beautiful IziSmile residents. We are calling out to our beautiful IziSmile ladies to submit photos, not the handsome Izismilers that are guys. Guys you can submit photos of your girlfriends, wives, or anyone as well! Just not your handsome faces and bi-ceps! You can read the full rules HERE.


We need twenty five great photos for our new column and to date we have only six, one of which is a man.


Don’t let us down, tomorrow evening is the deadline and if we do not reach the 25 photos we need we will have to push it off again till the next week.


Submit now! All our visitors are waiting with baited breath to see your gorgeous photos. We also want to show the world that we have the greatest surfers on the planet.


Send all your photos to content@izismile.com or post directly on the site yourself.


P.S. We are already beginning to accept photos of our beautiful girls in Halloween costumes. Don’t waste time get yours submitted today! Send us your pictures. A new selection will be published on the site on October 31.

IZISMILE is looking for beautiful girls (1 pic)

Posted in Iziblog 21 Oct 2010   / 11287 views

IZISMILE is looking for beautiful girls

In recent months, it has become very popular to publish the submitted photos of the sexy surfers that visit different sites. Everyone wants to see who is behind the avatars, are they truly sexy? Hell yeah they are! We decided to keep up with this new trend and allow our gorgeous readers to submit their own photos to Izismile! We know our surfers are the hottest on the planet and we will prove it in this column!


You will be famous. Visitors of izismile and the rest of the web will admire you, they will talk about you and some will even become green with envy. We will be incredibly grateful to you for your beauty, courage and determination in submitting your photos to our site!



1. Take a cell phone, if you have a camera near by, then it's even better.

2. Take a picture of yourself or the most beautiful part of your body, you can ask your boyfriend (or girlfriend) to do it, he/she will certainly take a good shot.

3. Submit your work to content@izismile.com or upload it via our very handy module.

4. Next Friday look for your photos at your favorite site and share the link with your friends and family.

5. You will become famous across the internet for your photos, who knows maybe you will be discovered from your photos at Izismile!

6. Please no full nudity pictures or graphic snaps.


P.S. If you add Izismile to your body or hold up a sign card that you love Izismile you will be the coolest of the cool by showing your love of our site!

Izismile Wants You!

Posted by sym in Iziblog 1 Oct 2010   / 7801 views

Izismile Wants You!

Check inside the post for more details.


Posted by sym in Iziblog 6 Sep 2010   / 5614 views

Dear Izers.
From today, Izismile will be updated in real time, i.e. the new posts will appear on the site during the day.
Thus, by visiting us during the day, you will always find the latest and interesting news from the network.


About comments and videos

Posted in Iziblog 28 Jul 2010   / 4783 views


According to your numerous requests, it was decided to remove the smileys from the comments.
There were many reasons, but the thing is that smileys interfere with the normal communication of visitors on the site.
We would like you to discuss news, have discussions in the comments, argue and just chat with each other.
There are many intelligent, educated people on izismile who with their comments may contribute into the posts' information.
I also have a question for you. What additional features would you like to see in the comments: the ability to respond to a comment, to receive an email notification about new comments, etc? Express your opinion, it is important to us. Thank you.

About comments and videos


Posted in Iziblog 18 Jul 2010   / 3717 views

Dear Izers!

Finally has come this long-awaited day, and I am happy and proud to present you the creation of our team – the Post builder. Do you see the button ‘Add a post’ at the top right corner of the page?

Now each of you can become an author of a post and add any content on the website. Everything that you post, immediately gets into your blog (every registered visitor has it). Your best creations may and most likely will get on Home Page of Izismile once it is approved by the admin or into Upcoming section (here will be all that didn’t get on the Home Page). If you are not registered, then you can make a short registration or add your post without registering. In this case, your content will be immediately submitted to get the admin for moderation and if you did something interesting, it is likely to hit the home page.

The Post Builder is very easy to use. All you need is ... Read more