Izismile mobile




Izismile Mobile is an easy, beautiful and convenient web application, which means you don’t need to download and install it. Just type in the link in your cell phone browser that you see above.


The advantages of the mobile version:

- It works on all mobile phones in the default or installed browsers.

- All the updates appear simultaneously along with the updates of “big” Izi.

- There is no advertising and it is not expected in the near future.

- It can be used in transport, at work, everywhere where there is no computer at hand.

- The mobile site version is very light so it has a fast download speed and uses 10 times less traffic than a standard version of izismile.

- It has comfortable and well thought navigation - two clicks to view the image full size.

- All the entertainment is there: pictures, gifs, videos - everything except games.


There’s only one drawback though. We wanted to make a mobile site version as simple as possible to use that is why you can’t vote, comment, register nor submit your content yet. But all of this will be gradually added.


It was made with love. Come, look, use it. Don’t forget to tell your friends.




Q.: Do I have to pay for using the mobile site?

A.: No, it's absolutely free. You pay only for using the internet in accordance with prices of your mobile operator.


Q.: In which cell phone do videos run?

A.: Videos should run in any phone with installed Adobe Flash Lite (if you do not have Flash Lite, you can download it on the site Adobe.com). The list of cell phone brands that support video is being made.


Q.: Do you plan to make iPhone/iPad and Android applications?

A.: Yes. We really want to make such applications no later than by the spring-summer of 2011.


Q.: Can you tell us briefly about the main Izismile Mobile features?

A.: The mobile site is very easy to use.


There is a list of all posts of the current updates on the main page. Click on the title of the post (or picture) and you can view it.



To see all the posts of a certain category, click on a category in the menu. If the post is situated in the category, which is not visible in the menu, then click on the category name in the post itself.



The photos inside each post are of a small size: 200x200 px. It was made in order not to overload the phone’s memory. To view the image full size, click on it and it will be opened in a new window. You can also view all pictures of the post by clicking on their numbers.



To see pictures inside the post in full size all together, select: Normal 640x480.



If you want to watch a video in full size – click on the pictogram on the left of the volume control. To download the videos to your phone, click on the link flv or mp4 under the video player.

How to comment

•    Don't insult other visitors. Offensive comments will be deleted without warning.

•    Comments are accepted in English only.

•    No swearing words in comments, otherwise such comments will be censored.

•    Your nickname and avatar are randomly selected. If you don't post comments for 7 days, they both are reset.

•    To choose another avatar, click the ‘Random avatar’ link.