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Have You Ever Flashed Someone?

Posted by admin3 in Videos » Funny 23 Feb 2012   / 14689 views

Wait for it, and your patience will be rewarded. 


Awesome Norwegian Street Drummer

Posted by admin3 in Videos » Talent 16 Feb 2012   / 7018 views

And using a full drum set!


Insane Downhill Bike Street Race

Posted by admin3 in Videos » Wheels 13 Feb 2012   / 7004 views


Awesome Street Musician’s Show

Posted by admin3 in Videos » Talent 31 Jan 2012   / 11120 views

Electric violin + loop pedal + talent = awesomeness.


Awe-Inspiring Street Art (17 pics)

Posted in Arts » Beautiful 28 Jan 2012   / 12276 views

A talented street artist known as SmugOne created this beautiful and sometimes stunning graffiti art on various walls in Europe. Hopefully no one ever cleans off or knocks down his art.


Awe-Inspiring Street Art

There’s Something Hilarious about This Romanian Cop

Posted by admin3 in Videos » Funny 18 Jan 2012   / 10624 views

When there’s no budget left for water cannons, you gotta do what you gotta do…


Google Street View of Popular Album Covers (22 pics)

Posted in Random » Awesome 6 Dec 2011   / 12120 views

With Google Street View it has become so much easier to find locations-made-famous for appearing on popular album covers.


Google Street View of Popular Album Covers

Incredible 3D Street Drawings (48 pics)

Posted in Arts » Drawings 31 Oct 2011   / 11686 views

Street Magic Master David Blaine Is Back

Posted in Videos » Funny 28 Oct 2011   / 4185 views

“After some time away, David Blaine rises again to torment his favorite effeminate victims.” What can I say?: lol!



Love on Arbat street moscow [VIDEO]

Posted by alpetm in Blogs 7 Oct 2011   / 728 views

Genius Street Pole Advertising (22 pics)

Posted in Arts » Advertisement 20 Sep 2011   / 22722 views

Electricity, lighting and other street poles are ideal place for creative city advertising. Genius pole banners attract attention even at big distances.


Pole Dance Studio

Genius Street Pole Advertising

The World's Steepest Street (6 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle » Travel 12 Sep 2011   / 10348 views

Located in Dunedin New Zealand, this ridiculously steep street is only 1140 feet long but will definitely cause your thighs to burn if you try to walk up it. You better have really good brakes on your car too.


The World

Hilariously Coincidental Street Photography (77 pics)

Posted in Arts » Photography 16 Aug 2011   / 10634 views

British photographer Matt Stuart takes seemingly mundane street scene pictures in London and somehow finds humor and irony. Check out these unbelievably unstaged moments, or “Happy Accidents” uncovered by his observant eye.


Hilariously Coincidental Street Photography

Amazing Collection of Video Game Street Art (32 pics)

Posted in Arts » Drawings 6 Aug 2011   / 6948 views

Here is an amazing collection of street art that features well-known video game characters.


Amazing Collection of Video Game Street Art

Faces on the Street (21 pics)

Posted in Arts » Drawings 29 Jul 2011   / 8361 views

These are some street face art by MTO, a street art and graffiti artist from Berlin. There are some familiar faces, some famous faces, and some unknown faces. They are all quite spectacular.


Faces on the Street

Camouflage Chinese Artist painted Into Mural (6 pics)

Posted in Arts » Drawings 25 Jun 2011   / 8109 views

On the streets of New York, artist Kenny Scharf took a paintbrush and painted over the body and face of famous Chinese artist Liu Bolin in order to match his mural. Bolin is known for doing this type of transparent or camouflage art. Once they completed the transformation it was hard to see a human standing in front of the mural.


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Chameleon-Man (19 pics) 


Camouflage Chinese Artist painted Into Mural

Breathtaking Stockholm Street Art (15 pics + 1 video)

Posted in Arts » Beautiful 10 Jun 2011   / 12973 views

Photographer and professional retoucher Erik Johansson created this striking street illusion at Sergels torg (Sergel's Square) using huge photograph swaths. It appears that the ground has caved in and that people walking over the precipice will fall to their deaths.


Breathtaking Stockholm Street Art

Giant Scale Street Art (10 pics)

Posted in Arts » Drawings 30 May 2011   / 7427 views

Swiss street artists enjoy creating abstract paintings and installations on the streets, stadiums and overpasses in different countries around the world. Their giant scale art looks amazing.


Giant Scale Street Art

It's Not What it Seems (18 pics)

Posted in Arts » Drawings 11 Apr 2011   / 11093 views

This is a piece of street art that is an amazing optical illusion. The artwork was done by Kurt Wenner, who was an employee of NASA. He uses his math skills to create optical illusions that are three dimensional.


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Are These Caves Real or an Illusion? (5 pics)



Street Food From Around the Globe (57 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle » Food 17 Feb 2011   / 36671 views

If we are what we eat, then these folks are strange, slimy, gross and delicious. They devour delicacies ranging from chicken feet to pig snout and everything in between without blinking an eye. Proceed only if you’ve got a strong stomach and pray do tell, which of these strange street foods would be courageous enough to try?


Street Food From Around the Globe

So Much for Cats' Happy Ending (26 pics)

Posted in Animals 24 Jan 2011   / 14043 views

This is a collection of cats found on the streets, in kennels where they were waiting to be euthanized, vivariums and shelters. Love and patience can make real miracles, turning a street cat into a beautiful, happy and true pet friend.


Alex used to live on the street

So Much for Cats

Beijing street food (15 pics)

Posted by kwladko in Blogs 9 Jan 2011   / 3377 views

stalls with food that can be found on the streets of Beijing

Beijing street food

Unusual Google Street View Pictures (113 pics)

Posted in Pictures 15 Nov 2010   / 18139 views

An interesting compilation of some of the most unusual Google Street View pictures from various positions along different world’s streets.


Unusual Google Street View Pictures

Uncanny Factoid: Sesame Street

Posted in Random » Uncanny factoid 10 Nov 2010   / 5762 views

I bet you have fond memories of Big Bird, Oscar the grouch, Bert and Ernie, Cookie Monster or some other popular Sesame Street character from your childhood. It was today in 1969 that the brainchild of Joan Cooney aired for the first time.

Uncanny Factoid: Sesame Street

Dont Chew That Gum (19 pics)

Posted by sym in Pictures 9 Nov 2010   / 6250 views

This is chewing gum art that was created by artist Ben Wilson. While most people think chewing gum on the street is disgusting, the chewing gum artist certainly makes a decorative statement with it. 

Dont Chew That Gum

Curious Google Street View Images from Brazil (27 pics)

Posted in Pictures 12 Oct 2010   / 24813 views

Google Street View allows us seeing what's going on on the streets in different countries. These curious images come from Brazil. Take a look at the pictures before Google has deleted some of them.


Curious Google Street View Images from Brazil (27 pics)

Some Amazing Street Art (37 pics)

Posted by sym in Pictures 17 Sep 2010   / 20494 views

This is some incredible street are that must be seen. It is truly amazing that these street artists who supposedly have no formal training are able to come up with such amazing artwork.


Some Amazing Street Art (37 pics)

Amazing Ambidextrous Artist Shows off His Talents

Posted in Videos 17 Aug 2010   / 10738 views

Video Archive Download video: .flv or .mp4

Lucky Girl of the Day

Posted in Videos 12 Aug 2010   / 14841 views

Video Archive Download video: .flv or .mp4

Amazing Street Fight Images (40 pics)

Posted in Pictures 5 Aug 2010   / 21942 views

A collection of amazing and incredible street fight art.


Amazing Street Fight Images (40 pics)
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