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How to Get Asian Parents’ Attention

Posted by admin3 in Videos » Funny 17 Jun 2013   / 3340 views


chief attention

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Fun Attention Exercise

Posted in Funny » Humor 17 Oct 2011   / 9208 views

Look closely at this photo and try to find 10 office workers who’s trying to hide.


Fun Attention Exercise

How to Attract Attention (5 pics)

Posted in Arts » Advertisement 24 May 2011   / 8649 views

One advertising company has come up with a creative way of how to sell an empty space on their billboard.


How to Attract Attention

Your Attention Please!

Posted by sym in Random » POTD 25 Apr 2011   / 4240 views

Hello Izismilers!
Happy belated Easter to all who’s been celebrating it and who still do We decided to have a short working day and take ourselves a little vacation. But tomorrow we will be back here as good as new. Meanwhile, don’t forget to check our Saturday Edition!
Have a good day everybody!

Your Attention Please!

Mrow! Play with Me! (21 pics)

Posted in Pictures 13 Dec 2010   / 11054 views

This cat definitely wants to get his owner’s attention, but the guy is all into the internet. What will cat do next? It’s so funny!


Mrow! Play with Me!

Comedic Celebrity Disguises (24 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle » Celebs 20 Sep 2010   / 17483 views

With fame there is a price to pay. You can’t go anywhere without flashbulbs going off in your face. That is the only reason that I can think why these celebrities would wear such ridiculous disguises. The disguise alone attracts attention.


Dustin Hoffman

Comedic Celebrity Disguises (24 pics)

Selection of MOAR Faces (47 pics)

Posted by admin3 in Pictures 16 Mar 2010   / 18174 views

While all the faces in these photos are different, they all have one thing in common. They all want MOAR (more). While most want MOAR food, some want a variety of things like information, attention, or the viewer wanting to see MOAR.

Selection of MOAR Faces (47 pics)

Man’s Attention Span (chronology with 46 pics)

Posted by admin3 in Pictures 17 Feb 2010   / 7258 views

The photos in this post visually depict the hilarious stages of a man’s attention span from “dick hardeningly interesting” to “make it go away”. The photos along the way may or may not surprise you but I think you find them uproariously funny. Click on the post to see for yourself.

Man’s Attention Span (chronology with 46 pics)