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Ukrainian Guy Hammers Nails in Wood Planks with Bare Hands

Posted by admin3 in Videos » Talent 13 Sep 2013   / 6977 views

He previously participated in Ukraine’s Got Talent and tried here to prove to sceptic people it wasn’t fake.


Beautiful Nails

Posted by freegameswow in Blogs 3 Jul 2013   / 657 views

Hey,do you want to have beautiful nails? Look,here are the latest trendy nail polishes just for you,girls! You can choose your favorite nail shape,colors,and accessories,then put them on your nail to have a good look.Come on,let's have a try.

Beautiful Nails

How Does She Use Her Hands? (9 pics)

Posted in Random » Weird 22 Jan 2013   / 9710 views

Here Comes the Pop Culture Nails (16 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle » Fashion 26 Jul 2012   / 6627 views

Because a regular nail polish is too mainstream.


Here Comes the Pop Culture Nails

Glamour Doggy (11 pics)

Posted in Animals 23 Dec 2011   / 7514 views

Glamour girl surely wishes her dog to look stylish. I feel so sorry for you, pup.


Glamour Doggy

Nails’ Life. Part 2 (34 pics)

Posted by sym in Pictures 7 Jul 2010   / 7095 views

Here is the sequel of the life of nails which really resembles our own life, I wonder why :)

But this time I’m not sure that this is the same artist who did it, but the style looks the same though.

Anyways, the pix are just awesome.


Nails’ Life. Part 2 (34 pics)

Cute Asian Girls and their ‘Claws’ (14 pics)

Posted by admin3 in Girls 12 Nov 2009   / 41542 views

Those are just long nails so why ‘claws’? Well, it’s because they’re acting like they have claws rather than simple nails.
It seems Asian girls love to pose with one or both their hands like that, a bit like cats…
So here it is, a selection with Asian girls and their ‘claws’.

Cute Asian Girls and their ‘Claws’ (14 pics)

Nails’ life (38 pics)

Posted in Pictures 30 Jun 2009   / 362380 views

Name of Czech photographer Vlad Artazov is well known to all photography fans.
His works are full of humor, irony and their execution is great. Don’t miss it!

Nails’ life (38 pics)

Is he made from metal or what? (11 pics)

Posted in Pictures 31 Mar 2009   / 7751 views

George the Giant is in the Guinness World Records for lying on the bed of 40 cm nails for 20 minutes.
1380 lb concrete blocks were put on his torso and then hammered on him.
This was shown on a game show, which George won and received 200 grants.

Is he made from metal or what? (11 pics)