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World Champion of Magic Performs Amazing Transparent Cups and Balls Trick

Posted by admin3 in Videos » Talent 11 Sep 2012   / 8863 views

It’s already impressive with normal cups, but with transparent ones, it’s simply mind-blowing!


My Computer Screen Went Transparent (22 pics)

Posted in Random » Awesome 30 May 2012   / 11264 views

While some of these pictures are apparently photoshopped to create an impressive effect, most of them feature desktop wallpapers amazingly selected to produce the optical illusion of a transparent computer display.


My Computer Screen Went Transparent

Tokyo Couple Lives in a Completely Transparent House (13 pics)

Posted by Xaniel in Arts » Design 4 May 2012   / 13635 views

Japanese company Sou Foujimoto Architects designed this unbelievable building on the request of their clients, a young couple with no children from Tokyo.


Tokyo Couple Lives in a Completely Transparent House

Transparent Sea Life (11 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle » Science 7 Jun 2011   / 11337 views

These are transparent specimens of sea life. Iori Tomita is an artist and an undergrad who studies ichthyology. His work is the New World Transparent Specimens created through a lengthy process that uses dyes, enzymes, and preservatives. He is trying to show people the hidden side of natural beauty that they might miss normally.


Transparent Sea Life

Transparent Signs and Boxes (16 pics)

Posted by sym in Pictures 18 Nov 2010   / 6023 views

These are disappearing boxes and street signs by Cayetano Ferrer. He uses photo stickers to make things appear transparent. His art is the best camouflage that I have ever seen. He needs to be working for some government agency.  


Transparent Signs and Boxes

Up, Up and Away! (5 pics)

Posted in Pictures 17 Aug 2010   / 3944 views

Horrifying hot air balloon - would you dare to take a ride?


Up, Up and Away! (5 pics)

Make Your Laptop Screen Transparent (5 pics)

Posted by sym in Pictures 10 Jun 2010   / 9016 views

You may say it’s impossible but everything is possible with creativity.

Here are detailed instructions on how to do it :)


Make Your Laptop Screen Transparent (5 pics)

Transparent and Beautiful Creatures (15 pics)

Posted in Animals 14 May 2010   / 12261 views

Enjoy this interesting compilation of transparent creatures that look simply amazing on these photos.


Transparent and Beautiful Creatures (15 pics)

The Inner City (51 pics)

Posted in Pictures 1 Apr 2010   / 9810 views

These photos by Michael Wolf depict the central downtown area of the city of Chicago, which has recently undergone a surge in new construction. In these photos, the city looks transparent. The geometric aspects of the photos are amazing. They focus on the modern urban landscape in a state of flux. They also illustrate how modern life unfolds within an ever growing contemporary city.

The Inner City (51 pics)

Transparent House (7 pics)

Posted in Pictures 30 Dec 2009   / 15301 views

Designers have thought a lot and then came up with the idea to build a completely transparent house. It looks really good, even great I’d say! Imagine having your coffee early in the morning and enjoying the nature around you. Mmm, little paradise :)
There’s one ‘but’ though, the designers didn’t really thought through the whole privacy thing, especially for the toilets ;)

Transparent House (7 pics)

Full-Size Transparent Lexus Built by Japanese Architect (14 pics)

Posted by admin3 in Lifestyle » Cars 26 Oct 2009   / 7793 views

This full-size transparent Lexus LFA was shown at the Tokyo Motor Show last week. It was built by Scu Fujimoto, a Japanese architect. The sculpture was constructed from transparent acrylic boards that have been sanded and polished.
It’s really an amazing work, you should definitively take a look at that car inside the post!

Full-Size Transparent Lexus Built by Japanese Architect (14 pics)

Transparent girl (7 pics)

Posted in Pictures 12 Jun 2009   / 25997 views

Very interesting photo shoot from the world of illusions so to speak.

Transparent girl (7 pics)