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Gorgeous Wallpaper Collection (88 pics)

Posted in Arts » Wallpapers 5 Aug 2011   / 20071 views

If you are dying for some cool new wallpaper options then check out these beautiful options to inspire and dazzle you.


Gorgeous Wallpaper Collection

Friday Wallpaper Collection (49 pics)

Posted by sym in Pictures 3 Dec 2010   / 14949 views

New collection of wallpapers is waiting on you.

To see the picture in the full size, click on the cross-like symbol on the right top of the image, it will open in a new window.

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Friday Wallpaper Collection

New Wallpaper Mix for Your Desktop (45 pics)

Posted in Pictures 12 Aug 2010   / 17850 views

It’s been a while since we posted a collection of wallpapers, so here it is - I hope you’ll find what you want in there! All pictures are clickable and can be used as wallpapers of course.

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New Wallpaper Mix for Your Desktop (45 pics)

Olympic Wallpapers (30 pics)

Posted in Pictures 25 Feb 2010   / 7741 views

We all root with glowing hearts for our favorite teams when Olympic fever sets it in. The photos in this collection remind all of why. With the help of these Olympic wallpapers, you can decorate your desktop and dive in the atmosphere of Olympic Games. As usually, click on the image to see it in a full size.
Olympic Wallpapers (30 pics)

Windows XP wallpaper (5 pics + this place by Google Earth)

Posted in Pictures 9 Apr 2009   / 40032 views

Have you ever thought what is this picture, where does it come from and other details?
Well, I’m gonna tell you.

Windows XP wallpaper (5 pics + this place by Google Earth)