Big Breasts Can Make Your Life Difficult (19 pics)

Everyone has his own way of becoming famous. Some people star in the movies, other people sing, and as for Ashley Pridgen she became famous thanks to the size of her breasts. No, this girl isn’t a porn actress or model for adult magazines. She advertises T-shirts.

Recently Ashley made an announced on her Facebook page that she was going to... have a breast reduction surgery, since her breasts make her life difficult.



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  1. disturbed
    Yes, big breasts... bad...yeah, sure @.@
  2. ;)
    Those things are beautiful gifts from above. But I could see how they could make like "difficult".
  3. DJ
    Someone stop her ...
  4. wow
    what?! she will pay for that?! I can make an easy exiting and free breast reduction, licking it all day, sucking and eating all her milk she needs to feel comfortable with the reduction of milk sucking! Even she can if she wish do me the boobs job to exercise her boobs and make them fit!
  5. vishpri
    Too big boobs> back- and neck pain, hard to find clothes that fit, etc...
  6. Alkhoren
    wow you should stop watching stupid hentai, a woman doesn't milk until she has a child and she stop milking after some time; and damn it your comment is just stupid you perverted virgin, go masturbate and gtfo
  7. looool
    @ alkhoren : actually a woman tit can produce milk without having a child ^^
  8. Really
    Only if there is a hormone problem or if they have breast cancer.
  9. AnnaMolly
    looool -> yep, but sucking the milk will not reduce the size of the boobs, on the contrary she will produce more, so the wow's comment is still stupid and disgusting
  10. Ken55
    Nice rack :D
  11. dusk
    I agree. Large breasts not only are uncomfortable and sometimes painful, they're EXPENSIVE! Proper bras to fit them are expensive, proper clothes get expensive and it just gets rediculous. Good for her.
  12. laughinggas
    I wanna see them out !
    another case that sex sells
  14. Renee
    Big Boobs = Too much eyes staring @ you + back pain + too heavy on the front of your body + neck pain + etc...etc.
    Its not comfortable guys. Believe me my sister has a big boobs, and yep! She wish she can have my small boobs.
  15. aggiigi
    sorry, but i dont like these t-shirts. Not funny at all.
  16. lolzz
    I don't like the clothing!!
  17. desi
    wow amish guy. pull the stick out of your ass. most men (me including) have done what he's talking about and i don't see anything perverted about it.
  18. lolipop
    now a days so many woman enlarge their breast with silicon.but she hv natural breast..she is perfect with her big asset ..:)
  19. ada
    Beautiful (fine) these t-shirts.
  20. poppajo8
    I understand why women have reduction surgery (my sister and wife have both had it for health reasons) but please, please, please tell her to get input from her boyfriend/husband as to the amount of reduction she will have. If she doesn't have either to give her advice, then please call me, I'll be glad to help!
  21. incognito562
    um ,
  22. 2Cool4Ice
    she got the boobs after she started wearing the wolf shirt
  23. Tarzan
  24. rolotomasi
    Damn shes cute ! Silly (on account that she wants to downsize those wonderful assets) but cute !
  25. dezhon
    big ass fucking boobs
  26. sizematters4women2
    Ive seen the t-shirt site she is on and admired her cute face, great smile, and awesome bust. She is truly blessed. Why doesn't she try exercise to strengthen her back and neck muscles. I've seen smaller women with considerably larger real breasts who are fit and hard as steel that have no problems carrying there big breasts all day long. It's as simple as that. She is not so monstrously large that she can't manage her size. Women like this need to stop thinking operation and start thinking accomodation. I know some people just won't exercise no matter what.
  27. CombatDriven
    I agree with 'sizematters4women2' for a couple of reasons: 1) if she did actually have an athletic stature (which I may add she looks great the way she is now), I don't think holding her breasts up on a day to day basis would pose a threat to her health. 2) Hit the gym Ashley. Your folks made you into an incredible female-being and I believe you should take FULL advantage of it! Rock whatcha got girlie ;)
  28. Gene
    My girlfriend's boobs are really big, I mean exquisitely big, and she doesn't complain about them. Women are so fucking confusing. How is having big breasts that can get you anything you want (with a little suggestion) a bad thing? Most girls would DIE for the attention busty chicks get, and then the ones that do get it want to go fuck it up?
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  30. Dangit
    Wanting a breast reduction is the same line of thought as fat people who want their stomachs stapled. Just friggin exercise, they'll reduce on their own. Stop being so lazy.
  31. Eric
    God, I hope she doesn't do it. She's is absolutely stunning.

    In consideration, however, if they cause discomfort, I totally understand.

    Just know that you are loved.
  32. sex
    i want bit there brusts

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