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IZI Rules

1. It is recommended to come to Izismile in a good mood. But if you’re a in bad mood, don’t be surprised that it will change after your tour on Izi )

2. Comments can and should be left to any news you liked. The more the better. First, it is a great way to communicate with other visitors. Secondly, it is a good feedback for us, the site’s administration. Your tastes, reflected in the comments, influence directly the policy of the site updating.

3. We have a bad attitude towards excessive use of smileys without a single word in comments. Try not to abuse it. Smileys don’t add any valuable information to a comment. If you have nothing to write in the comments - it is better not to write at all.

4. It is prohibited to insult other visitors, to flood, advertise your sites, write comments in a language other than English (because except for you no one will understand your comment, it will be regarded as flood, sorry). All such comments will be deleted without a warning.

5. It is encouraged to bring your friends on the site and / or simply send them a link to your favorite posts.

6. You may freely embed any content (photos and videos) into your blogs, but giving us a backlink.

7. It is recommended to spend minimum 30 minutes each day on the site. This will relax you and definitely raise your mood. It is also good for your karma.

8. Your photos and videos sent at content@izismile.com will be posted in the next selection of “content submitted by users”, unless, of course, they are interesting and do not infringe copyright or violate any ethical norms.

9. If you have a blog on Twitter or Facebook, you can add Izismile on your friend list.

10. If something doesn’t work on the site, you can’t see the pictures, videos or you found some bug on the sitz, please, let us know at admin@izismile.com. We will fix it as soon as possible.

11. You would have to accept that there’s advertising on the site. We also have to live for something ) But there won’t be a lot of advertising, so it won’t be that annoying.

12. There won’t be erotic, violent, cruel or any other character of an adult-content on the site. So, don’t even ask )

13. If you liked the post, then vote for him. If you didn’t like it, still, vote. This is important. Your opinion is important to us. You can vote in the bottom of each post above the section "Comments".

14. There’s always some kind of opinion poll hanging on the site (in right column). Please, take a second and vote.

15. Feel free to explore our archives for 2008 and 2009. They are really huge.

16. These rules are mandatory for all the visitors of the site and may be extended and / or changed without prior notice.