The First Ever Pregnant Guy Gives Birth to a Child (9 pics)

Thomas became world-famous after the media showed the pictures of the first ever documented pregnant transgender man.


Thomas and his wife Nancy try to be an ordinary family, but the society strongly disapproves them. Almost every day the man gets threats, some even against his life, and people on the streets often call him a freak.

All the relatives broke off their relations with Thomas as they consider him an unworthy person.

His mother committed suicide when he was 12 and his father was never close to him. Thomas was born as a girl named Tracy but being a child he always acted as a mischievous boy.

At the age of 20 the young man decided that he was trapped inside a woman’s body and when he was 24 he started to take male hormones. That was the first step to the sex change.

When Thomas met his wife she already had two kids, but once they decided to have the third one, it was the man who needed the sperm donor since Nancy was no longer able to bear children.


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  1. Mercutio
    Well, they're happy, the children seem to be happy and in good health, they didn't kill anyone, they aren't trying to fuck the world up, just living their life all together. I bet that man is a far better father than most in the world.
    So.... why should the world feel bothered?
    Oh yeah, jealousyyyyy, they're happyyyyy.
  2. chelsea.cord
    ^^ too true dude! irrez anbd anyone who shares his view disgusts me, I am woman naturally, have given birth naturally, Catholic, however i do not jdge anyone except in this case.. well bloody done, another example of how idiotic and selfishg some poeple are. Maybe instead of taking it upon your yourself to impose such restrictios shows a lil satanism.. after all satanism is self worship.... that sounds about right! Especially to those who have severe judgement on anothers' plans! Perhaps tis you should be the one on the 'witch hunt' Once again congrats to the lovely happy family and all the best for the future
  3. Irrez
    No , not from jealousy pal, from disgust. People always tend to do thing against nature... WTF? What kind of screxd up sad poor idiot you must be to do that kind of things? This my friends means that the end must not be too far away. Hope i don't live long enough to see any more of this kind of shit.
  4. Enter your name
    he took male hormones. didnt say he had sex change operation. is it possible to install a penis anyway? so he gave birth just like any women did. and yes, i think u r dumb
  5. Enter your name
    Write your comment here...
  6. Just Me.
    Here on Izismile was a picture of a bunch of stick figures. If we could spot the American/gay/Jew. No we couldn't, because there all people. Just like this man and his wife. Let them be happy. You Americans are all so close minded. As long as he is not hurting anybody with his happiness, why judge? If you don't want to see his happiness and luck, look the other way, but let him lead his life the way he wants! Just because he is not fitting into your box, doesn't mean he doesn't have the right to be happy.
  7. AndyOfBeaverton
    He is not a man, the dude is a lady! The problem is so many people are so stupid, they actually believe a man gave birth. Not possible.
  8. Erhm
    Please, I must be dumb.
    "At the age of 20 the young man decided that he was trapped inside a woman’s body and when he was 24 he started to take male hormones. That was the first step to the sex change. " + then he had a baby.

    He is born a woman, has sex change operation - that most likely, gives him a penis -, and then he gives birth...through a penis?

    Please, help me. I can't figure it out.
  9. Enter your name
    Sex change isn't realy sex change. Differenciation between male and female sexual apparatus appears in early stages of human devlopment (aka before birth). so a transgenre woman doesn't grew a dick and functional testicles naturally neither do a male transgenre grew a pussy and functional ovaries. The only way they transgenre is by hormonal therapy which give them beards or boobs and by surgical therapy which give remove bifsteacks (translation laziness i think you got the meaning). So a transgenre woman has still functional ovaries and with appropriate medicine and donor sperm can give birth to children.
  10. Erhm
    Thank you for your answer. But that's what puzzles me...What is then the noteworthiness of this news?
    "The first ever pregnant guy gives birth". It appears to be a woman disguised as a man, giving birth. Why is this spectacular, in any way?
  11. sym
    He is a transgender man, it's most likely he didn't go through the total sex change, I mean the lower part of the body. Some trans men who interrupt hormone replacement therapy can become pregnant, while still identifying and living as men. This is possible for individuals who still have functioning ovaries and a uterus. I found it in wikipedia, you can look it up there: male pregnancy.
  12. Erhm
    Thanks for your answer. But I understood that part. I was just trying to contest the title of this post "The first ever pregnant GUUUUUUUUUUY gives birth". Nothing qualifies this individual as a "GUY". No "GUY" has functioning ovaries and a uterus.
    I mean, if this was a guy at birth, that then became a woman, and then gave birth, the title would've made more sense (for me at least).
  13. admin3
    Yeah, I agree, but you know what this world has become today. If you identify yourself as a man (but you're a woman), you're considered to be a "man." Plus everywhere in the news they also address to him/her as a "first pregnant man."
  14. Enter your name
    Well, the real world just don't consist of stick figures. This is right away disgusting. And dont say this is a man. By biological definition it is not. These kind of excesses also were common in ancient Rome and Greece. It has always ended in the fall of a civilisation...
  15. Enter your name
    If you take a Prius, remove one wheel, change the seats to leather and then put on a BMW emblem, it's still a Prius...
    See where I'm going with this?
  16. Anto
    Fuck Thomas...
  17. YUNoHaveNickname
    But, if she/he tought she/he was a "man trapped inside a female body" why the hell after all this operations to become a man does she/he still wanted to have a baby !?

    That's not the trangeder that she/he's that I criticize, but the choices she/he makes as a transgender. You're decided to become a man, dont fucking give birth !
  18. I_sad_no
    fuck this shit... nothing to do here
  19. Enter your name
    Disgusting fucking degenerates.
  20. orendadude
    So the actual woman, you know, the ugly ones with the boobs is a bull dyke lesbian?
  21. Erhm
    For the incoming readers, I want to make a summary of this post.

    It's about an ugly, hairy, lesbian woman giving birth.
  22. Mr. Ree
    As I have posted before, there are certainly many fucked up people in the world and thanks to the Internet, the normal people can easily discover them and laugh at them or be disgusted.
  23. a
    A lesbian who looks like a man is still a woman. Not a man.
  24. domn8jr
    Its not a man she still have female reproductive parts. Just cause you take male hormones and can grow a beard don't make you a man, so quit saying first guy to give birth.
  25. rikki_doxx
    BS - It's still a woman.
  26. Enter your name
    Irrez I have to agree with you... you're 100% right! We do everything to fuck up nature and that is sad :(
  27. miki
    If he is born as a male, he would be first guy that get baby, but this, he is still a woman...
  28. mm
    I don't really care if she made herself to be he. Some people just are screwed up by nature since birth and you just have to live with it. For example, one study showed that gay men's brains are more alike women brains and lesbian women brains are more like men's brains. That's not "right" or "wrong". At least, not any more than for example weak sight or six toes on one foot. I just feel sorry for that baby. Her mother fucked her own hormonal balance up by taking male hormones and there's no way that baby didn't get affected by them. Hormones changed the way her organs work and that baby will pay for it even if she didn't take any hormones during pregnancy. Very, very selfish.
    Medical help is a double edged sword. It helps people with illnesses to live on, but on the other hand since we are "bypassing" Darwin's Law and everyone can live no matter how ill, it creates a ticking time bomb for the future. Future generations will be weaker and sicker and if medical care collapses for some reason there will be loads of people that can't carry on without that crutch.
  29. Patie
    she is screwed up
  30. Close
  31. Member
  32. Rightous
    Who are we to judge other? No one is perfect so are you. The only person who can sit on the judgement chair is God. There are no such a thing as big sin and little sin for God. We all are short of his glories because for God, every sin are the same. So who or what can wash our sin away? The answer is nothing but the blood of Jusus. So before you judge other think about who you are first.
  33. hot mama of 3
    i asked my husband if he could have baby or babies for me he said god bless you for having the babies in the also seven months pregnant with twins boys that love to kick mommy hard in the belly.i am also taking care of seven year old boy cameron and 4year old girl rachel and 2 year old girl merideth twin boys inside of me beau and ryder.i have given birth three times twice vaginal one c-section labor hurts any one you cut it.but holding your bundle of joy is worth it!

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