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  1. rikki_doxx
    #56 It's a wedding in Russia. A UPS truck skidded into a swollen river but the driver managed to save a wedding present.
  2. Mr. Ree
    #9 - that's nice. Chingling and Tyrell Washington are enjoying some watermelon.

    The perfect way to troll people on the internet is to post messages that refer to people as niggers, faggots, chinks or other politically incorrect terms.
    Gullible assholes that are niggers, faggots, chinks or other sub-human scum will get upset and start posting messages on the same message boards using your name and defaming you.
    It's great fun knowing that just by using a few select words, you can really ruin stupid people's lives.

    With that being said, one of those gullible nigger faggots (or faggot niggers) will soon post some shit using the name Mr. Ree.
    Watch, it'll happen.
  3. Mr. Ree
    I am soooo angry that I am repeating myself over and over, explaining what trolling is, etc. If I were clever and effective, I would not have to do that!

    Truth is, I am such an idiot faggot, that I am the one reacting to the trolling!!!

    Please, oh please don't troll me anymore, or I'll have to repeat myself again!!!!

    Whaaaaaaa.... :(
  4. ptpie
    good dump
  5. Topper
    Face it Mr. Ree, you've been bitch-slapped!
  6. mm
    Good pics and even better questions.

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