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  1. meukr
    #10 chinese truffles are so crappy that it cost nothing...that is why this burger is so cheap.
  2. none
    "The Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Canada are the only places where Taco Bell offers French fries." This statement is not true, they sell these in Costa Rica.
  3. German
    #5 Thats not true! No Beer in German McDonalds! If so i would buy beer before Party, to Party, to Party, to Party, to Party, and Party :D

    Thats Cliché man!
  4. Z
    #5 !Sure! A few years ago it was possible to buy beer at McD.

    Ich weiss nicht wie es jetzt ist aber ich hab damals öfter Bier bei Mecces getrunken.
    Komme allerdings auch aus dem Ruhrgebiet vielleicht ist es da anders ;)
  5. Cancamuso
    there are only a few burger kings in China (most of the american fast food restaurants ar McDonalds and KFC). Old ones were in Hong Kong and Shenzhen. Last years they opened some on Beijing (train station) and other cities (like Tianjin, don't know about Shanghai though) so I don't think many people knows about Burger King in China. Also, the taste of the burgers in Shenzhen is crappy if you compare it to the same burger in HongKong.

    True story bros!
  6. Molotov_B
  7. bino
    taco bell Iceland sells french fries

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