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  1. Fenrisulven
    Great title; Deep inside. :))

    I just wish there was a SI system version...
  2. Mr. Ree
    ...one of the few occupations where women earn significantly more than men (because the end product is purchased mostly by men, so we still control the money).

    Here's another couple notes - many (not all) women get into porn and don't "have to" due to financial reasons.

    Some of the porn stars are also very intelligent people that most likely, could have made good careers doing something else (Asia Carrera comes to mind - she's a member of Mensa).


  3. gigantes
    i did a double-take when reading those average weights-- they are insane.

    turns out those are US citizen' weights... higher than any other country's, it appears. talk about a country full of future diabetics and heart-attack victims..... yikes.

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