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Tilted Tens: Amazing Art Autos (13 pics)

Posted in Random » Tilted tens   23 Nov 2010   / 6395 views

We thought these cars were pretty amazing and the owners must have tons of money of creativity to have built them. Sit back and enjoy the show.


10. Surreal and Milk

This gigantic cereal and milk creation was created for the burning man event.

The monster sized cereal bowl and milk vehicle was a team effort created by Jon Zensius, Bob Dow, Natalie Zensius and Stephanie Rose. This project took 9 months of hard work along with creativity.

Flop on in and relax on the cereal pillows.  There are over 100 of them all hand made for the car.

9. Radio Flyer

Almost all of us had a little red wagon when we were kids, now this man has built a large Radio Flyer car.  This is one way of keeping your childhood alive.  If you don’t mind huge amounts of attention this is the car for you.

8. Lego Mobile

Speaking of toys, how about a car that resembles something a 4 year old would build during play time. That is exactly what this Lego inspired car looks like. Lego fanatics around the world will be amazed and excited by this movable Lego.

7. LadyBug at Large

This huge VW Bug art car is built on a semi frame and incorporates VW hoods, trunks and various other VW salvaged parts. I doubt this is what they had in mind when they built the Peoples Car.

6. Art or Car

You make the call, it’s beautiful either way! I don’t think it rolls anymore on its own, but it sure does make a lovely addition to this garden.

5. Vintage Art

This Budweiser art car was created in 1924 for a parade. As you see it has a boat theme, but then I have to ask if it’s a boat, why the hell is there a cannon on it? 

4. Octapus

This is a 1987 Saab turned into the green and purple octopus that stands before you.

3. Bollywood Car

You can’t believe it until you see it, not only is the car painted on the outside, but traveling in it is another trip to India.

2. Pig Vespa

When we first saw this Vespa pig shot we had to ask who is riding who and is there any way of making a girlie Vespa look even girlier? Oh yeah make it into a pig.

1. Hippie Special

No car art post is complete without the 1960’s hippie psychedelic VW Vanagon.

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