Tilted Tens: 12 Days of Christmas

30 Nov 2010


12 Drummers Drumming $2,552.55

This price is up from last years $2,475.20 by 3.1%. Not only are they well practiced, but they will drive your neighbors crazy as they drum around your yard.


11 Pipers Piping $2,356.20

Again a price mark up of 3.1% from last years $2284.00


10 Lords a Leaping $4766.70

This was an 8 percent hop from last years $4413.61. Perhaps if you purchased the lords and the ladies together you’d get a better discount.


Those lords don’t look like they want to leap, so they might cost you a bit more.


9 Ladies Dancing $6294.03

I guess it depends on which ladies you ask to dance. I’m sure you could find some folks in the street that would dance for $20.00 each, but quality will cost you more.


8 Maids a Milking $58.00

Down home farmer girls milking those cows stayed the same. The price of milk went up, but as usual labor costs stayed the same.


7 Swans a Swimming $5600.00

Who would have thought that swans swimming in a lake would be so costly. These darling fowl went up 6.7% from last years swimming birds. If you make them out of puff pastry you can save a bundle on the purchase and feeding them later, plus have a nice snack after lunch.


6 Geese a Laying $150.00

From expensive fowl to cheap geese its all here. Those geese stayed the same no change in the cost of having a goose come and lay those eggs.


5 Golden Rings $649.00

Of course those rings went up with the price of gold. Last year those rings would have cost you $499.95. That is a 30 percent price increase. Just remember that is for plain golden rings, the price goes up if you add jewels.


4 Calling Birds

This is another fine bird that didn’t have a price increase. You can still get all 4 for $599.96. What is interesting about these birds is that you could get calling birds for $280.00 in 1984.The price didn’t go up until 2001 when they took a 12.9 percent increase to $316.00.


3 French Hens $150.00

Although not a lot of money, if you look at their record in the last two years they have taken an almost 300% markup. Just last year they were only $45.00. That is a 233.3% market change.


2. Turtle Doves $100.00

The turtle doves went up %78.6 percent from the 2009 price tag of $55.98. Of course if you go with this liquid dessert you can expect to pay $16.50.


1 Partridge in a Pear Tree $161.99

This little bird only went up 1.3% from the $159.99 price tag.

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2Cool4Ice 9 year s ago
I can make girls dance for les :)

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