Tilted Tens: 12 Days of Christmas (13 pics)

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Each year the firm of PNC Wealth Management figures out how much the 364 items for the twelve days of Christmas cost. You might be surprised by the prices and the increases to make someone’s Christmas brighter. Even though this is a tilted ten post, we stuffed in the 2 extra items! Enjoy!


12 Drummers Drumming $2,552.55

This price is up from last years $2,475.20 by 3.1%. Not only are they well practiced, but they will drive your neighbors crazy as they drum around your yard.

11 Pipers Piping $2,356.20

Again a price mark up of 3.1% from last years $2284.00

10 Lords a Leaping $4766.70

This was an 8 percent hop from last years $4413.61. Perhaps if you purchased the lords and the ladies together you’d get a better discount.

Those lords don’t look like they want to leap, so they might cost you a bit more.

9 Ladies Dancing $6294.03

I guess it depends on which ladies you ask to dance. I’m sure you could find some folks in the street that would dance for $20.00 each, but quality will cost you more.

8 Maids a Milking $58.00

Down home farmer girls milking those cows stayed the same. The price of milk went up, but as usual labor costs stayed the same.

7 Swans a Swimming $5600.00

Who would have thought that swans swimming in a lake would be so costly. These darling fowl went up 6.7% from last years swimming birds. If you make them out of puff pastry you can save a bundle on the purchase and feeding them later, plus have a nice snack after lunch.

6 Geese a Laying $150.00

From expensive fowl to cheap geese its all here. Those geese stayed the same no change in the cost of having a goose come and lay those eggs.

5 Golden Rings $649.00

Of course those rings went up with the price of gold. Last year those rings would have cost you $499.95. That is a 30 percent price increase. Just remember that is for plain golden rings, the price goes up if you add jewels.

4 Calling Birds

This is another fine bird that didn’t have a price increase. You can still get all 4 for $599.96. What is interesting about these birds is that you could get calling birds for $280.00 in 1984.The price didn’t go up until 2001 when they took a 12.9 percent increase to $316.00.

3 French Hens $150.00

Although not a lot of money, if you look at their record in the last two years they have taken an almost 300% markup. Just last year they were only $45.00. That is a 233.3% market change.

2. Turtle Doves $100.00

The turtle doves went up %78.6 percent from the 2009 price tag of $55.98. Of course if you go with this liquid dessert you can expect to pay $16.50.

1 Partridge in a Pear Tree $161.99

This little bird only went up 1.3% from the $159.99 price tag.

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2Cool4Ice 10 year s ago
I can make girls dance for les :)



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