Daily Stare: Trippin Thursday

13 Jan 2011


Trendy Winter

London says it is layers upon layers of plush knit.


Mount Etna Erupts Again

Another volcano erupts this time the most famous volcano in Europe, Mount Etna.


Mercedes SLS AMG

Believe it or not, this hot yellow Mercedes is an electric sports car on display at the North American International Auto Show.


Floods Take Over Brazil

Mountain towns near Rio de Janeiro was hammered by torrents of water and mud. The water and mud not only swept through the region, but buried many families as the slept.


Sri Lanka Flooding

950,000 flood victims will be helped in Sri Lanka with food, clothing, and bedding.


Michael Jackson’s Dr. Ordered to Stand Trial

L.A. prosecutors have ended their case in the prelim hearing to determine whether there is enough to try Dr. Murray. His medical license is suspended until the end of the trials.


Bad Ipad

Ipad is being blamed for the low sales of PCs. Worldwide PC sales overall are up 14.3 percent so far in 2010, however the emergence of proliferation of e-readers and media tablets are wrecking havoc on the purchase of PCs.


Even the Shoes

Everything must be perfect for these men in uniform, the instructor checks their shoes for imperfections at a regular training base in Yinchuan, Ningxia, Hui Autonomous Region, China.


Nothing Moves

Even the industrial areas are affected by the heavy flooding in Brisbane.


Amazing Sculpture

These schoolchildren look at this Indian sculptors Anish Kapoor’s “Tall Tree and The Eye’. It is located within the Japanese artist Fujiko Nakama’s “Fog” at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain.


Royal Dubs

Thousands of lookalike rings of the British royal engagement ring are created at these Chinese manufacturers to cash in on the wedding craze.


Christ the Redeemer

A fantastic aerial view of the famous statue in Rio de Janeiro.


New England Digs Out

Two feet of snow dumped on New England and the digging out has begun as children clamor happily with free days off from school.


Bubble Gum Art

For over 6 years Ben Wilson has been creating art from the bubble gum that he finds on the sidewalk. Many people would think the globs of gum were disgusting, but he takes out paint and brush and makes them into mini pieces of art. It is said that there are over 300,000 pieces of gum stuck to the sidewalk on Oxford Street. I am sure that everyone appreciates Ben’s attention to these hard to clean up bubbles.


Right Up The Creek

With a huge jump in the jobless claims this year, people are rushing to job fairs no matter how bizarre in hopes of finding a position.

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