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Tilted Tens: Comfort Foods for the Winter Blues (10 pics)

Posted in Random » Tilted tens   15 Jan 2011   / 7331 views

Everyone loves comfort foods esp. during the winter time. Here is a collection of favorites with a few twists thrown in.


Waffles with Mashed Potatoes and Chicken?

Believe it or not this is a popular comfort food. At first this might sound a bit gross, but after looking at this photo a bit I am betting your mouth begins to water. It does look yummy.



Just the thought of warm pancakes with butter and syrup running down them should make your mouth water and head you to the kitchen to find some mix. You can twist pancakes in so many ways and it is so easy. You can use fruit instead of syrup, add fruit to the mix, or even make waffles out of them with whipped cream. Just make sure you make enough to share!

Mashed Potatoes

One of the worlds’ most eaten veggies the potato can be created in a variety of fashions, but it is the mashed that make it a true comfort food. Be sure to use plenty of cream and butter for a rich flavorful taste that will take you home to moms table. Look even turtles love those fluffy spuds.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Give yourself a chocolate high with a decadent favorite for years gone by.This is one comfort food that almost everyone loves and adores. These yummy delights can be twisted by adding your favorite candy bar to the mix, dipping them in chocolate milk. No matter how you eat them they are delicious.


Homemade Chili

A warm bowl of chili on a cold day can really perk up your day and make you feel on top of the world. You can create a great variety of foods from homemade chili including fries,chili dogs, chili-mac, and Frito pie.


Grilled Cheese

There are even contests for this loved comfort food. There are a wide variety of ways to twist this comfort food and make it your own. Try using a different type of bread or adding different types of cheeses for new taste sensations.



Enough said, there are hundreds of ways to make this bread and cheese comfort food your very own from pineapple and ham to bbq chicken. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to make this yummy comfort food twisted to your designs. If you are lazier than normal you can even buy your pizza from a vending machine. This one features 103 different varieties to choose from. It cooks them in 90 seconds and that isn't nuked. The inventors of this special vending machine spent 10 million dollars in creation of this special vending machine, so it must be perfect right?


Ice Cream

This another no brainer unless you are lactose intolerant I bet you love ice cream and with the hundreds of flavors it is hard to not find one that you enjoy more than others. You can twist this tasty treat by eating it with syrups, in a waffle cone, or just a spoon and a smile.


Hot Cocoa

When it is cold outside and you are done working or playing who doesn’t enjoy coming inside to a nice cup of hot cocoa with or without marshmallows. You can twist this one by trying different brands of cocoa, adding spices, or eating different cookies with it.


Mac and Cheese

All children and adults love mac and cheese. Who doesn’t love the gooey cheese filled macaroni noodles. This winter try something different and use different cheeses to really bring out the flavor.

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