unu 10 year s ago
u should add romania with an income of 200euros(average income for average person)and the bills in the winter 150 euros(no food or clothing)
Mr. Ree 10 year s ago
So, are we supposed to feel sorry for the workers in poor countries?
Maybe if the men in Liberia had only enough children that they could care for, they wouldn't live in such a shithole. 34 children? That's ridiculous. His balls should have been removed after the first child was born. He has 18 grandchildren. His irresponsibility is being perpetuated.
Bolivia? The major export of that shithole country is illegal drugs. Fuck them if they can't pay their workers. Fuck 'em anyhow.
#17 - yea, he looks like a redneck douchebag, but look at the paperwork all over his office. He's obviously carrying a hell of a lot more of a workload than the goons in the first several photos.
When the scumbags in these 3rd world countries start acting like humans instead of like animals, maybe they will get more help and understanding from those of us that are humans.
Morpheus 10 year s ago
#8: nice hot calendar on the wall :D
iziwhaat 10 year s ago
Haha really Mr. Ree, thats how you feel? Acting like humans instead of animals and calling Bolivia a shithole wow. Do you know who has the demand for those illegal drugs? Your country. Do you know who funds and supplies those illegal drug traffickers with weapons? Your country. Do you know why those guys cant get paid? Because those are government jobs, and their leaders are too busy scheming with your government than to aid the police fund wars against the drugs. Im sure if #6 was getting paid 5,000 a month the department would have some papers and horns and not f-ing road signs.

The fact that old rabbit man from #4 has so many children is of little importance to his poverty. If he was getting paid the same as that fat cow in the crowded office those 34 kids and 18 grandkids would be fatter i can promise you that. Plus, my Grandfather had 22 kids, i dont even know how many grandkids, and lived in a huge compound house with 2 other families but I can assure you me and my family are now wealthier than you and yours.
And for your "redneck douchebag" im sure those papers make it look like a workload doesnt it? In my opinion those are unsolved crimes sitting right there in front of him. If he'd spend less time shooting buffalo as sport and more time going through those papers there would be a much smaller stack next to him. And do you not think #3 might want a few papers around him, maybe with his student and faculties names and if they had a phone maybe some digits too?
The thing is you need to not be so ignorant. Situations are hard on all in the world but ignorance and comments like "When the scumbags in these 3rd world countries start acting like humans instead of like animals, maybe they will get more help and understanding from those of us that are humans." doesnt belong anywhere. Do those dogs and cats people spend more a day on than Daddy of 34 gets a month act like humans more than he does? Is that why people help their pets and show more understanding to them?
Alien1213 10 year s ago
I'm french and i will try to make a joke :

#15 is playing WoW : Weed on Wall...

eatshitanddie 10 year s ago
iziwhaat - if you're so fucking rich, why don't you donate some money and time to paying those worker's salaries instead of arguing like a dumbass on the internet?
responsibility 10 year s ago
Many Lecture in my country get Monthly salary less than all of them... :(
iziwhaat 10 year s ago
who says I dont eatshit?
Asparuch 10 year s ago
Bolivia looks like a nice country to live.
black_tiger 10 year s ago
In most of these countries, they can somehow survive.
if all the world was poor, the rate of crimes will decrease.

The problem if part of them (let us say 15%) went to other country that gives X10 salaries. They will send money to their homes so their families lives like kings. Having a group of rich ppl in a poor community will raise the prices (even a little but don’t forget how hard was the surviving before adding this little).
Prices NEVER goes down, so more ppl will try to go where the 15% went. Most of them will not be qualified to offer something special that insider ppl can not offer but they will go for somthing like: cheap costs, less rights (including safety), no union headache or even claiming to have a special talent/certificates/knowledge (which mostly a lie only to get the job not to get the job DONE).at the end rich country/ppl lose & poor country/ppl gain.

every time a foreigner enter USA for a job, another person (amercian or not) lose his own. job market is not unlimited resource. especially in these years.

mikito 10 year s ago
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Bolivia, bureaucracy (police), 2005. Marlene Abigahit Choque (1982), detective at the the Homicide Department of the Potosi police. The department has only broken typewriters, no computer, no copy machine, not even telephone. It shares a car with the Vice Squad: "If there is no petrol in the car, we have to buy it from our own money. If the car is gone, we take the bus. We have to pay the tickets ourselves." The head on the cupboard to the right is used to make witnesses of murder cases show where the bullets went in or out.Monthly salary: 920 bolivianos (euro 102, US$ 114).

Some Shocking Salaries