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Uncanny Factoid: Do the Dung (2 pics)

Posted in Random » Uncanny factoid   17 May 2011   / 7869 views

Ok, people buy the oddest things, but now Elephant dung?


The latest souvenirs from Prague, elephant dung from the Zoo. The brain behind the idea is Miroslav Bobek, and get this his surname literally means dung!


It seems to be a big fad among the gardeners who buy the pails of manure to use on gardens. They sell about 200 of the 2.2 pound containers on the weekend for $3.90 each. Sales have been growing so much that they have decided to sell it on the weekdays as well.


The visitors of the zoo laugh as handlers collect the piles of dung for sale, but most of them state that they wouldn’t buy the elephant turds.

Not related to the Prague zoo dung sales these elephant dung shoes are also up for sale. They are ten inch stiletto heels and created by a mysterious artist that goes by the handle INSA. They were created by the Tate as part of a series of design responses to the painter who created The Holy Virgin Mary that was smeared with elephant manure in 1996.


Learn Something Fun: Elephant poo doesn’t smell, or at least poo from a healthy elephant doesn’t smell!

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