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Uncanny Factoid: Fun USB Monday (1 pic + 1 video)

Posted in Random » Uncanny factoid   23 May 2011   / 4994 views

Monday’s suck we all know it so this factoid will hopefully give you a small smile to get you going.


This is the sticky USB cord. If you want to pull a prank this is a fun one. You can attach it to anything and create a virtual feel that you are using something for nothing.  People will stop and ask you what you are doing, so be sure to come up with something funny to tell them!

The kit comes with two usb cords and a ton of adhesive disks that you just stick on the item you want to use. The kit runs $4.99 and is available from USB-IT.


Learn Something Fun: An interesting fact about Monday, the second day of the week, is that it’s also referred to as “Blue Monday.” The name is thought to have started because the first day of the work week used to be set aside for doing the laundry. Bluing was used to keep white clothes from becoming dingy and gray. From that product, wash day became known as “Blue Monday.”


Even though Monday isn’t always wash day today, the term “Blue Monday” still exists. However, it’s meaning is different. It now refers to the day when employees have to return to work after a weekend break.


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