British TV Host Tries His Best Not to Laugh at German Skier’s Name

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Lujer 9 year s ago
There is nothing funny about ass smelling.
j b 9 year s ago
You wouldn't believe what a 'pick' is Norwegian. Or this Hoda car, 'Fitta', what that means in Norwegian - or when one Norwegian newspaper adopted the English term 'fit' to describe a female sports team as some very fit girls. Popular people have 'fan's - do you know what 'fan' is in Norwegian? Or what 'car pooling' would be if interpreted in Norwegian? If you prepare 'rump' roast in Norwegian? If you pass me a 'sheet' of paper, do you know what that would be in Norwegian? If at a party you tell the hte Norwegian host that you are 'full' when he offers you snacks, do you know what you're telling him?

You might not believe it, but speakers of other languages could have a lot of fun transferring, without translating, numerous English terms into their own language.

Of course English speakers would rise in protest: Being 'fit' certainly has nothing to do with being a c**t, even if you are female - you are just silly!

... And that is exactly the reaction from people of other languages when English-speaking people transfer, without translating, terms from other languages into English for the sole purpose of ridiculing them. It really is a rather silly exercise, whether non-English terms are ridiculed in the English language or English terms are ridiculed in some other language.
Tarzan 9 year s ago
i understand your concern sweet heart.. but this host doesnt have the expressions..
Forever 9 year s ago
A few years ago I'd have to pay someone for this informaiton.

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