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Did It Ever Happen to You When… Part 13 (18 gifs)

Posted in Gifs   12 Jun 2012   / 15567 views

Check out these funny GIFs of situations that happen to all of us at least once in our lives.


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When you see chocolate cake:

When you lay on clothes fresh out of the dryer:

When you’re watching a movie with your parents and a sex scene comes on:

What you want to say to your crush:

When you look at the clock and realize just how long you’ve been on the Internet:

When you’re pissed at someone, but can’t say anything about it:

When you see your friends at the same party:

When your teacher says a swear word:

When you’re picking out donuts at the bakery:

When your friends see your search history:

When you wake up on your birthday:

When a movie trailer spoils the movie:

When you try and log off the Internet:

When you guess the Wheel of Fortune puzzle before the contestants:

When you open your car door on a really hot day:

When you accidentally make eye contact with someone multiple times:

When your friends come to you for advice:

When someone lurks over your shoulder and won’t go away:

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