The City That Stops Every Year for One Minute

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“Once a year on august 1st, the people of Warsaw pay homage to the fallen heroes that fought for freedom in 1944 during the Warsaw Uprising.”

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Alekseyevich 11 year s ago
this gave me chills
djp 11 year s ago
Yeah, really quite moving.

Undetectable 11 year s ago
german, thx
eM 11 year s ago
Nice movie. Greetings from Lubin.
Draug 11 year s ago
This is so unbelievable. The great fight for freedom. One city against whole nazi army, betrayed and destroyed but never defeated. Up to 200.000 died in Warsaw. Great respect!
gOto 11 year s ago
No words can explain my feelings
f 11 year s ago
Stronger 11 year s ago

Sabaton - Uprising.
hell 11 year s ago
This was the ultimate slaughter of the second world war. When the polish resistance knew the Russians had only days left before they captured and liberated Warsaw, they came out of hiding from sewers and houses, trying to help to get the Germans out of the city without it being destroyed.

The Russian then stopped their advance, they wanted to give time to the Germans to kill every last member of the resistance so they wouldn't have any opposition when they captured Poland. Knowing that Russia wanted the polish resistance movement gone, the English stopped supplying weapons and ammunition to the resistance.

After the Germans had killed every and last resistance fighter, the Russians started their advance towards the city of Warsaw once more. Some days later the city fell. In short, the Russians and Germans united in their hatred for the Poles. And Great Britain did not do anything to hinder it.

This was maybe the worst genocide in the second world war.
Million 11 year s ago
VAE VICTS! Greetings from Silesia, where we know how to make an uprising ;)
omkar 11 year s ago
Salute to the great citizens and heroes.
Mr. Ree 11 year s ago
I would have rather seen some cute girls with big tits jumping up and down.
PW 11 year s ago
The Warsaw Uprising, was a struggle of the Polish underground which, between August 1, 1944 and October 2, 1944, conducted an armed struggle aimed at liberating Warsaw and its 1,000,000 inhabitants from the German occupation at the time the Soviet army was approaching the city limits from the east.

As the city fought desperately and the Germans began to bring in reinforcements, the reaction of the Soviets was silence. Soviet forces, which had advanced confidently throughout the summer, stopped within miles of Warsaw.

Some equipment and ammunition was dropped by the Allies, but this was largely ineffective. Since British and American planes werent allowed to land at Soviet air bases a few kilometers away, they were forced to fly from Italy and back, carrying only half their potential load, and dropping it largely into enemy hands. The airlifts were quickly abandoned, and the Poles were left alone to defend their capital.

German forces introduced new types of weapons into Warsaw: Karl Morser heavy mortar, Wufrrehmen incendiary rockets, and Goliath, a remote-controlled vehicle mine. These weapons will play a crucial role in the German offensive: isolated areas were bombarded non-stop by planes, heavy artillery and rockets, then Goliaths and tanks are sent in, followed by the infantry.

During the 63 days of the Uprising, an estimated 200,000 of Warsaw's inhabitants lost their lives, mostly from mass murders conducted by troops fighting on the German side. Eighty percent of the buildings on the city's left bank were destroyed. After the suppression of the Uprising, all of the city's inhabitants both insurgents and civilians were expelled from Warsaw and sent to POW, death, labor, or concentration camps.

Massive and organized looting campaign of the city by Germans began. Delegations from German municipalities were allowed to enter the ruins and strip them of anything that had not already been taken by the Wehrmacht, SS, and Soviet and Ukrainian collaborators.
Postwar Polish assessments claim that 33,000 railway wagons filled with furniture, personal belongings and factory equipment left Warsaw.
After everything of value was carried away, on Hitlers personal orders, Warsaw was systematically leveled, block by block, street by street. By the wars end, one of the great capitals of Europe was a field of rubble, with not a building left standing for miles.

During communist rule in Poland (1945-1989), any commemoration of the Uprising was banned.
Bas Bas 11 year s ago
We will always remember. Greetings from Zamosc.
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