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Just Face It, You’re Going to Die (18 pics + 3 gifs)

Posted in Funny » Humor   13 Dec 2012   / 7478 views

Here are a few reasons why you won’t survive the apocalypse.


The only food that can survive an apocalypse has been discontinued

And you’ve got to share your rations with these fellas

And let’s face it, if it’s kill or be killed…you’re screwed

You don’t own this zombie-proof house

Or this super sweet death dagger

So you’ll have no way to kill these things

And don’t forget, you’re almost as out of shape as this guy

Plus, superheroes have really let themselves go

And the cops won’t be able to help you either

Not to mention, this guy’s hogging the only phone that still works

So, you’re on your own, which is too bad because you’re not agile enough to make a fast getaway

I mean, you trip over your own two feet all time

Also, this dog is blocking your escape route

Which was mapped out by this “tech-savvy” lady

And all the escape shuttles have already been reserved

This spider means you won’t even be able to hit the emergency switch

Plus, these are your escape pants and you don’t want to put them on

So you’ll just stay home and get stuck Walken around the Christmas tree

And cruising the Internet until the last possible second

Until suddenly

And everything goes black as the new world leaders take control of the planet

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