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People You Don't Want to Mess With (22 pics + 3 gifs)

Posted in Funny » Humor   7 Jan 2013   / 10549 views

Be bigger man and just walk away...


Any person who is a Burger-King-cup-carrying bad ass:

Any person who pours a Caprisun into a glass like a DAMN BARBARIAN

Any person with a personal vendetta against fast food restaurants

Any person with an internet connection and several pictures of slides

The creators of the television show "Monk:"

A person who lays in the exact position that's not allowed

A person who disobeys Rihanna

Any person who completely ignores EVERYTHING a match stands for

Any grandma who doesn't play by the rules

Or any baby who doesn't play by the rules

A person with a blatant disregard of proper desktop backgrounds

Any person who disrespects a roll of bubble tape like this

Any person who does something this destructive

Or this destructive

Any person who clearly has never seen the popular milk advertising campaign

Any person who has a dog this defiant

Any person who does something as cruel as this to a pair of scissors

Any person who won't even try to draw a ship

Any person who doesn't play by your typical mathematical rules

Any person who can't help it when it comes to thinking about things

Any person who has neither the time nor the patience to find the other door

Or any person who has absolutely no time for a kids maze

Any person who doesn't let chocolate tell them what to do

And Brendon Chaney

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