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Parents Who Troll at Their Children’s Expense (30 pics)

Posted in Funny » Humor   30 Jan 2013   / 10975 views

These parents who have no issue proclaiming a favorite

The parents that ordered a stripper for their son's graduation party

These parents who reward their children for hard work

The mom and dad who used your stuffed animals to soundproof their headboard

These dads gathering future blackmail

The parents who forced their poor kids to wear this

The geniuses who named this poor girl

The dad who spotted a perfect photo opportunity

The mom who found her son's vase

The parents who bought this cake

The mom who runs this family's lost & found

This dad taking a stance against dim lighting at Hollister

The hunter and gatherer providing for his family

This dad mocking his son's selfie picture

The mom who wrote this article


The dad who took this picture for mom

The mom who bought her son exactly what he asked for

This dad who likes word jumbles

The mom who bought this Christmas sweater

These prom-bombing dads

This tough guy

The dad who was wearing this when his kids came home

The mom that congratulated the happy couple

The dad who parked the car like this

The mom who bought her son a bunch of "plain black t-shirts."

The dad that shamed his kids into doing the dishes

The mom that never forgets her prince(ss)

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