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Did It Ever Happen to You When… Part 30 (21 gifs)

Posted in Gifs   16 May 2013   / 11987 views

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When you turn your computer on in the dark:

When someone says, “You look nice today”:

When you see someone cute with horrible fashion sense:

After you do a shot of tequila:

Your face when you type, “LOL”:

Realizing it’s May and you’ve already wasted almost half of 2013:

When someone asks you to do something right after you wake up:

When your significant other says he/she is coming over:

When you were little and your mom said you were going to the toy store:

When you say a joke that you think will be hilarious, but then you say it and it sounds stupid:

Every time you go in for a high five:

When you’re at the beach and seaweed grazes your leg:

When you say, “Hey” to someone on Facebook chat, but then they don’t respond:

Getting ready on a Monday morning:

When someone tries to argue with you about a topic you know more about:

When two people start fighting in front of you so you casually try to leave room:

When you try to break off a square of chocolate:

When you’re out to dinner and you can’t finish all the food on your plate:

When you’re asked to hold a baby:

When you get caught doing something you shouldn’t be doing:

When you try to go shopping:

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