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The Many Wonders of Our Fascinating Planet Earth (48 pics)

Posted in Random » Awesome   17 May 2013   / 13817 views

Gasadalur Village in the Faroe Islands

7 hours in one shot
Venezuelan poodle moth

Base jumping from Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Moon Bridge In Dahu Park, Taipei

If Jupiter was as close to Earth as the Moon

Manatee and kid

The Badlands of Utah
Mount Fuji from above the clouds
White whale
Nugget point lighthouse, New Zealand
Airplane passing the Mooon perfect timing

Alex Honnold half dome Yosemite free soloing with no rope

Audrey Hepburn people pixel portrait from above

The biggest image of Earth ever
Chicago skyline sunset from Indiana
Cloud illuminated by lightning
Beach Head Chalk Cliff, Southern England

Felix Baumgartner jumps 71,580 feet from Red Bull Stratos

Flight of the Devil Rays
Green vine snake
Death of a honey bee
Iguazu Falls Waterfall, Island
James Turrell Irish Sky Garden Crater
Kung Fu fighters In China
Maelstrom, Kauai Hawaii
Mediating monks on Pongour falls, Vietnam
Molokini Crescent Shaped Crater, Maui Hawaii

Most waterskiers ever pulled behind a single boat

Mount Kilimanjaro

Multiple exposure airplane take offs Hannover Airport

Old redwood tree among the young redwoods

One square mile of hope 1902 kayaks and canoes

Outdoor hot-tub in the Matterhorn Mountains
Purple haze over Edinburgh Castle
Rainbow surf shot

Salar de Uyuni after some rain Bolivia salt flats

Bora Bora from space, Pleiades France
Seahorse checking out divers
San Francisco Int'l Airport at night
Snow tunnel in Russia

Street art graffiti by Sainer Etam crew, Lodz Poland

The Coconut Octopus
Two rivers colliding, Geneva Switzerland

Uss Annapolis submarine surfaces in the Arctic

Volcanic crater of Wau-Al-Namus, Libya

Where the Great Wall ends at sea Shanhai Pass - Shanhaiguan

Frozen car in Switzerland

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