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Unusual Decorating Tips That You Won’t Find in Any Book (24 pics + 2 gifs)

Posted in Random » Interesting   29 Jul 2013   / 8003 views

Fold blankets rectangularly to keep them from looking like a giant thong:

Scare away unwanted visitors with this stylish door hack:

Join the Dark Side every time you turn off a light:

Instead of hanging one of those cliche “Home, Sweet Home” signs, hang an actual picture of your home, sweet home:

Short on space? Install a Murphy bed:

Here’s a good way of Jamaican your garage a bit more fun:

Designate one of your chairs as the Chair God so all your furniture “knows its place”: 

Use an air horn to let guests know which chairs are off limits:

Buy art for cheap at thrift stores and add your own details:

Surround yourself with uplifting quotes:

Give your plants some extra personality:

…And if they start to die, try this:

Place a chair by the window so your pet can wait for you to come home in comfort:

Carefully observe shadows to identify possessed furniture. Once identified, cleanse them of their demon possession by spraying with Pine-Sol:

Transport new furniture yourself to save on delivery fees:

Less is more…leave open floor space so you can get down and cuddle with pets:

Find ways to refurbish old furniture so they look like new again:

Keep plenty of blankets and pillows on hand in case of emergency pillow fort:

Consider the benefits of a denim couch:

Use subtle wall accents to display your personality:

If a tree falls on your roof and pokes through your ceiling, spruce it up (and save money) by turning it into your Christmas tree:

Decorate light fixtures with creative silhouettes:

Find one interesting piece that instills jealousy:

Cats need comfort too! Sprinkle boxes liberally to give your cats plenty of places to curl up:

Find a moat bed dealer near you:

And finally, use this trick to fluff up old pillows:

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