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Korean Photoshop Trolls Make Their Own Rules (28 pics)

Posted in Funny » Photoshop   6 Sep 2013   / 8718 views

The Korean Facebook page called “We do Photoshop” has become extremely popular. It shows Photoshop requests and the funny interpretations of these by some Photoshop masters.

Request: Could you make the flowers in the background brighter? I love red flowers.

And now? Still love red flowers?

Request: Many girls are afraid of me for some reason. Can you make me cuter?

What can be cuter than a baby?

Request: Put me in the middle of the heart.

That’s what you wanted?

Request: I love hugging this doll but can you make the doll bigger and hug me?

There! The best doll you could ever have.

Request: This is my picture of me and my students but the one of the girls standing in front of me looks a bit sullen.Can you create a sense of unity in the image?

Request: Make me sexy. 

No problem.

Request: In this photo, I'm all alone. Could you put me behind my friends? 

Now you’re really behind.

Request: I am waving to the chickens. Can you make sure that they look happy to see me? 

Now they are really happy.

Request: Please change the background. Add in a monster and make it look like we're fighting each other. 

Request: Make it look like I am running from a scary man.

Is it scary enough?

Request: Remove this stupid yellow blanket and create a portrait image like for document photos.

I think it turned out perfectly.

Request: Can you remove the people to the right.

Is that better?

Request: I want to look as though I love Coke. 

Here you go pal!

Request: Can you make the fire look like it is coming from my ass. Like a rocket flying into space.

Let's be realistic...

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