Photos That Hold More Questions Than Answers (45 pics)

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Jesus walks!

But actually: Before you cue the Kanye, wait a little. This could just be a perfectly timed photo, right?

But really, why walk when you can bike?

But actually: Whoever took this photo has the timing of a god.

So, this is the stretch tool, right?

But actually: Although it looks more like what would happen were a coyote to have chicken legs, the Maned Wolf is naturally so well endowed.

Challenge gravity, you say?

But actually: This is just a street performance by German sorcerer Johan Lorbeer. He manages to stay elevated through the use of a hidden harness and a fake arm.

This is why you don’t build railways out of Silly Putty…

But actually: The aftermath of railway tracks after an earthquake in Canterbury, New Zealand.

When did they invent androids?

But actually: This is Valeria Lukyanova, the Human Barbie. She has undergone major reconstructive surgery to achieve this look.

“Did we take a wrong turn?”

But actually: A plane taxis across the Autobahn at Liepzig Airport.

A man contemplates his life as his boat sinks.

But actually: The boat is designed to float that way. The man is attempting to do a stunt of walking along the keel while keeping his balance.

The mountain was angry that day.

But actually: It just happened to spew lava in the shape of a skull. Spooky!

When you see it…

But actually: This photo really puts life in perspective.

Europe is a trippy, terrifying place.

But actually: At least the tarps used to cover buildings while being renovated were designed by someone on LSD.

Trees don’t bend like that!

But actually: Well, at least in this one forest in Poland, they do.

The end is nigh, Cthulhu awakens.

But actually: This is just a combination of the perfect tide, clear water, and giant plumes of seaweed.

Who would spend all that money to CGI pizza in space?

But actually: The better question is who would actually send pizza into space. Anamanaguchi, that’s who!

Aww, that’s cute! Dressing a kitty up for Halloween…

But actually: This is actually Venus, a rare cat that has dual coloring. She even has her own Facebook page.

Watch out! The sky is falling!

But actually: At least, a giant sculpture by New Zealand artist Neil Dawson is…

Who ever would have thought a black hole would form in the suburbs?

But actually: No black hole, just an impressive demonstration of construction art on a house that is soon to be torn down.

Minecraft is real! But only in the oceans…

But actually: This is just a cross sea: an area where waves from two different directions meet.

The headless horseman is one thing, but the headless gymnast?!

But actually: No magic, just amazing flexibility and a well-framed shot.

You better hope he’s not still hungry after!

But actually: This is just a clever billboard demonstrating how wild marketing is in Indonesia.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it two people falling through the air?

But actually: Nope! It’s Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest salt flatland, in Bolivia. Every year it becomes covered in a small amount of water, turning it into the world’s largest mirror.

Floating colors? No Photoshop?

But actually: This is just a series of amazing optical illusions done by Swiss artist Felice Varini as installation pieces.

Legos bend that way?

But actually: No, they don’t. This one must just be magic. Seriously.

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