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When You’re This Cool You Definitely Deserve a High Five (44 pics + 2 gifs)

Posted in Picdumps   19 Nov 2013   / 9391 views

This dude’s brother:

These college kids:

Whoever turned these books around:

This lighthearted pedestrian:

These Spider-Man fans:

The niece that wrote this letter:

Whoever did this:

This brave boyfriend:

This well-dressed unicorn:

The cutest couple in the world:

The dudes who built these RC flyers:

This epic library patron:

The ad wizard who came up with this one:

Or this one:

Danny Zuker:

This awesome little girl:

And this boy:

Tom Haverford:

Whoever wrote this church marquee message:

This Facebook user:

The guy who made this sticker:

This waiter:

This revenge seeker:

The guy with the best name ever:

The parents of this wheelchair-bound superhero:

This guy who was motivating people at the gym:

Whoever wrote this classified ad:

The owner who put a googley eye on his one-eyed cat:

This dude who was picking up his girl at the airport:

The guy who has a picture of himself on his van:

This good samaritan:

The person who put up this sign:

Whoever put this potato on display at Best Buy:

The most clever panhandler in the world:

The employee who put up this sign:

This prankster:

This father of the year:

The girl holding this sign:

These two high schoolers:

This young hockey fan:

This juggling handyman:

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