The Oddest College Courses You Can Actually Take (25 pics)

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Maple Syrup: The Real Thing

At Alfred University you can explore the history of maple syrup, and maybe even learn to make it yourself.

Street Fighting Mathematics

This course offered at MIT analyzes fighting with math.

How to Win a Beauty Pageant

Technically the full name of the course offered at Oberlin College is “How to Win a Beauty Pageant: Race, Gender, Culture, and U.S. National Identity”.

Raptor Natural History, Conservation, and Captive Management

Okay, this course at Cornell University isn’t really about velociraptors. It’s about birds of prey. We know…we were disappointed too.

Elvish, the language of “Lord of the Rings”

At the University of Wisconsin you can let your nerdiness flow unhindered.

Golf Course Management

For anyone interested in maintaining greens, building sand traps, and watching Happy Gilmore, this class at Tarleton State University is for you.

Topics in Comparative Media: American Pro Wrestling

Offered at none other than MIT, we’re not sure what exactly this course is supposed to teach you.

Tightwaddery, or The Good Life on a Dollar a Day

At Alfred University you can learn to be a miser. Seems like an ironic class to host at a private institution.

Furniture Making

Another baffling course coming to us from MIT this time you have to build your own desk. Okay, that is unconfirmed but it would still be pretty cool.

Underwater Basket Weaving

Why Reed College offers this course is beyond us.

Joy of Garbage

Taught at Santa Clara University this course actually goes into depth about decomposition and odors.

The Strategy of StarCraft

This University of California Berkeley offering is limited to super geeks only.

Zombies in Popular Media

Brought to you from Columbia College in Chicago this course teaches you the basics of zombie survival.

The Textual Appeal of Tupac Shakur

At the University of Washington you can study Tupac’s ganster rapping through a “sophisticated” lense.

The Amazing World of Bubbles

Cal-Tech knows what’s cool. Bubbles are cool. And they made a class about them.

Nuthin’ but a ‘G’ Thang

Oberlin Experimental College lets wannabe gangsters taste the thug life for a semester.

Tree Climbing

There are only a select few who recognize the value of climbing trees quickly and efficiently. Cornell University is one of them.

Soviet Visual Propaganda

At Rhode Island School of Design you can learn all about the evils of capitalism.

UFOs in American Society

This class at Temple University analyzes the reaction of American society to UFOs and aliens.

Mail Order Brides: Understanding the Philippines in Southeast Asian Context

Supposedly designed to explain the stereotyping of Filipino women, this course at John Hopkins University does a good job of standing out.

The Unbearable Whiteness of Barbie

Given at Occidental College this class uses Barbie to launch discussions on gender, race, and social justice.

The Science of Superheroes

At the University of California Irvine this course studies physics within a context that is very familiar to college students.


This graduate course at Cornell University may actually have a slightly misleading title. It focuses on the work of scientists rather than magazines like the National Enquirer.

The Art of Walking

Taught at Centre College we hear that students get credit for walking to class.

Learning from YouTube

What student wouldn’t want to get credit for watching Youtube videos?


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