darkraisin 10 year s ago
#8 does it come with free condom?
Mr. Ree 10 year s ago
#1 - money - with it, I could have numerous gamer girlfriends
#2 - money
#3 - take the money from the above and pay them to fight each other. Film it and make millions online.
#4 - I don't give a fuck about either
#5 - read minds - you can use it all thge time to make your life better. Flying would make you a freak show.
#6 - don't care
#7 - Taylor Swift but only if her next song was: "I can't get enough of his cock!"
#8 - Kate but only if she loses a few pounds and gets her legs back
#9 - what does the 'date' consist of?
#10 - neither - all the money in the world would be impossible to store or manage and all the time in the world would mean that at some time (over 1000's and 1000's of years) you would be imprisoned or dirt poor. A better choice would be: never have to pay for anything ever again.
#11 - stupid choices
#12 - neither
#13 - tough choice. I'd rather go 5 years into the future and make notes on winning lottery numbers and winners of sporting events from the previous 4 years
#14 - stupid fucking fantasy crap
#15 - Big fucking deal - what do they cost? A few hundred each?
#16 - animals and I bet the conversations would be much more interesting than speaking to the average human.

jubyp0b 10 year s ago
@ Mr. Ree

Mostly agreed. Good choices, kind sir.
carlo.mendoza.52 10 year s ago
you sir is a genius!
eipassaa 10 year s ago
#1 - girl, 50k isn't that much
#2 - money, where the hell would I sell the artworks
#3 - bieber
#4 - don't care
#5 - fly, I already know people hate me
#6 - music, chicks dig it
#7 - don't care
#8 - so is she just going to sit in the car ?
#9 - pizza, to shy to meet her
#10 - money
#11 - ninja
#12 - don't care
#13 - future
#14 - don't care
#15 - can buy either one/both
#16 - talk to people
Jayzen Freeze 10 year s ago
don't feel like typing that much. but I would like to be able to fly any where in the world at any time.
gOto 10 year s ago
#1 $50,000 cash, already have the sexy gamer girlfriend :D
#2 Get away with an art heist
#3 Justin Bieber, but just a big slap in his face
#4 game winning touchdown, hip-hop fights are soooo stupid.... Yo mama!!
#5 fly, I think I really dont like what the people have in his heads
#6 Master every instrument
#7 Don't care
#8 Chrysler LeBaron, I respect people with old cars in good condition
#9 Stupid question, Jennifer Lawrence
#10 all the time in the world, time is money
#11 Become a ninja
#12 Unlimited Nutella, I can make all the grocery that I want
#13 200 years to the future, I can read history, but not about the real future
#14 Lord of the Rings world, you have more chances to survive
#15 Xbox One (I dont want to buy it, but if its free..)
#16 speak any language fluently
Tetlis 10 year s ago
#1 - Real gamers play on PC and obviously there is no girl on the internet. So cash obviously.
#2 - Cash.
#3 - Bieber.
#4 - I don't give a fuck.
#5 - Read mind. No need to be a weirdo.
#6 - Music ofc. Music pro earn cash for a longest period than sports professional.
#7 - I don't give a fuck.
#8 - Kate Upton ofc.
#9 - Jennifer Lawrence ofc.
#10 - Time.
#11 - Stupid question.
#12 - I don't give a fuck.
#13 - Living without technology or in a world ruined by humanity. Neither.
#14 - Harry Potter only if I am a fucking wizzard.
#15 - Neither. A PC is way better than those shit.
#16 - Talk any human langaged.
Cancamuso 10 year s ago
You got me on the 16th.
djp 10 year s ago
We can already talk to any animal in the world.

It's just that, mostly, they don't understand us and they can't talk back.
blackbeltxina 10 year s ago
these are all geared towards men >:(

Fist fight Justin Bieber or fist fight Kim Jong Un?

If You Had These Choices, What Would You Choose?