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Totally Terrible Designs for Things We Often Use (24 pics)

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Serial Wired Christmas Lights

1) Only a giant vat of spiked eggnog will make you feel better about the daunting task of disentangling that rat’s nest.

2) When one bulb goes out, the whole thing goes out, and you have to find which one is the faulty one via trial and error. By the time you’re done, Christmas is already OVER.

The British Tap

The Microwave Keypad

Almost every microwave control panel has about 18 more buttons than necessary.

Economy Airplane Seats

NYC Parking Signs

This is why you take the subway.

Clamshell Packaging

And really just any packaging that requires the thing inside to actually open it.

The NOKIA N-Gage

Like talking into a taco, basically.

The Pencils You Used in Elementary School

And forget trying to keep track of the little plastic cap that protects the eraser.

The Juice Carton

Apple’s iPhone 5c Case

Hi hon!

The iPod Sock of 2004

They DO double as baby leg warmers, if that means anything to you at all.

9-Pin Connectors

If one pin is even one nanometer out of place, it’s just not happening.

Almost Any Metro or Parking Ticket Machine

Probably faster to walk than to figure this machine out.

FIAT Multipla

“There’s something totally discordant about the front end of this car and I can’t stop staring at it…as if it were a six-fingered hand or a baby with two faces.”

Motion-Sensor Faucets

Fact: only one in five motion-sensor faucets actually works. But you get to wave your hands around maniacally in the process, which is probably a fun break from your monotonous day.

The Gear Shift in a Prius

“You push the handle forwards to go backwards, backwards to go forwards, and what the heck is B?”

Most Umbrellas

Heinz Ketchup Bottles

“…for making the simple act of pouring a liquid into a complex challenge.”

Most ATMs

Never mind that it’s almost 2014 and the display is still in MS-DOS font, but whoever designed this probably failed their UI 101 class.

And lest we forget…

LOL the arrow doesn’t mean anything.

Everything About Jewel CD Case Packaging

The way the plastic wrap was so hard to get off, the way the case would scratch the CD, the way the little prongs that hold the CD in place would break and float around in the CD case. Never forget.

The Great Gap Logo Redesign Fail of 2010

Confusing Push/Pull Door Designs


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