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A Collection of Great Photos in History (22 pics)

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U.S. chess prodigy, Bobby Fisher, playing 50 opponents simultaneously at his Hollywood hotel on 12 April 1964. He won 47, lost 1 and drew 2

The very first Rockefeller Center Christmas tree, 1931

Stjepan Filipović of the socialist Yugoslav Partisans shouts “death to fascism, freedom to the people!” while being hung by Axis forces (1942)

A Swedish volunteer in the Winter War. Northern Finland, February 20, 1940

Dust storm approaching Stratford, Texas, 18th April 1935

June 28, 1956: Smog testing with human subjects

Last prisoners of Alcatraz leaving 1963

Stephen Hawking and his wife Jane, 1965

A girl who grew up in a concentration camp draws a picture of “Home” while living in a residence for disturbed children. Poland, 1948

Samuel Reshevsky, age 8, defeating several chess masters at once in France, 1920

When the first bananas came to Norway. 1905

Busy Japanese street, 1950

Old Cincinati Library, looking at one of the large cast-iron book alcoves that lined the Main Reading Hall, circa 1900

Hitler (on the right) during his military service some time between 1916 – 1919

Harold Agnew, carrying the plutonium core of the Nagasaki Fat Man bomb

Gregori Rasputin with his admirers (1914)

Kate Capshaw, Steve Spielberg, George Lucas, & Harrison Ford on the set of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom – 1984

Opium Den, Singapore – 1941

Actress Jean Harlow at a celebration of the return of beer, 1933

A Circus Billboard, 1931

The Hindenburg successfully landed in Lakehurst, New Jersey, May 1936

Canadian Swimsuit Model, Montreal, 1946

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