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Epic Moments of Mass Destruction (25 pics)

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Largest North American landslide on record, Bingham Canyon Mine, Utah, 2013

2011 Japan Tsunami initial wave

Costa Concordia – a new perspective

Four million dollar mansion burns to the ground in Ohio

Fire in factory from inside

Fire from a burning bulding being sucked into a tornado

The strength of Category 5 Hurricane winds. Hurricane Andrew 1992

Blown over wind turbine in Wyoming

Brazilian Private Yacht Wrecked in Icy Antarctic Waters

A submerged statue of the Hindu Lord Shiva amid the flood waters of the river Ganges, June 17, 2013

A McDonalds Restaurant on US 90 in Biloxi, Mississippi, which sits across the road from the Gulf of Mexico, completely gutted during Hurricane Katrina

Collapse of Deepwater Horizon Rig

Hurricane Sandy: The Aftermath

The Man burns at Burning Man 2013 in Nevada

Electric pole hanging after a wild fire

Erika tanker sinking off the coast of France

Burnt-down nightclub

Taxi cab on fire, New York January 9 2013

Crash test of an F-4 Phantom

Sinkhole, Guatemala City 2010

Dresden, Germany, after allied bombings on 15 February 1945

A child walks past damaged buildings in Deir al-Zor – Syria

Home Depot flattened by tornado, Joplin, Missouri, 2011

Paul Walker crash

Cash machines in a bank in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. June 17th 2013

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