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Behind-the-scenes Pics of Movies with Visual Effects (42 pics)

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Visual Effects crew Rhythm & Hues helped make Oscar winner "Life of Pi" go from this ...

... to a boat lost out in the Pacific Ocean with a giant Bengal tiger.

Visual effects helped take Sandra Bullock from earth ...

... to space in "Gravity."

Jordan Belfort's European yacht getaway in "The Wolf of Wall Street" ...

 ... didn't take place in any ocean waters.

And 1920s New York City ...

... wasn't half as crowded or bright In "The Great Gatsby."

Any time you think Superman's flying in "The Man of Steel" ...

... it's just Henry Cavill strapped up in front of a green screen.

While you saw Tony Stark in a suit of armor in "Iron Man 3" ...

... filmmakers saw Robert Downey Jr. in a full body suit.

Before Optimus Prime was on the big screen in "Transformers" ...

... he was a computer-generated image.

Without visual effects in "Alice in Wonderland" ...

Lewis Carroll's world looks pretty "Wonder-less."

When James Franco was touring through Oz ...

... he was only traveling on a yellow brick road.

Digital versions of buildings and structures were modeled, painted, and placed into the set.

The scenes of Hong Kong getting smashed up in "Pacific Rim" ...

Aren't quite so colorful in real life.

When Zachary Quinto took a massive leap in "Star Trek Into Darkness" ...

... he wasn't really in any danger.

That entire awesome final train scene in "The Lone Ranger" ...

... was filmed in front of a blue screen.

And, the 3D touchscreens in "The Hunger Games" ...

... would be rendered flat and green.

Mark Ruffalo wore a capture suit while filming "The Avengers" to make the Hulk look realistic.

The visual effects team translated Ruffalo's actions into a 3D rendering ...

... and, this was the end result.

"The Avengers" didn't film in New York.

The majority of its action sequences consist of the team on a green screen set.

Instead, the crew filmed seven miles of New York City streets while the actors were in town for a few days ...

... to create a 20 block replica of the city.

So, when Scarlett Johannson was flying through the skies in "The Avengers" ...

... she was safe on the ground.

There weren't really 80,000 people in the Pittsburgh Steelers' stadium during "The Dark Knight Rises."

Rather, small groups of more than 11,000 people that showed up were filmed and spread throughout the stadium to make it appear full.

As for the blown-up field, director Christopher Nolan and his crew couldn't actually destroy it.

It actually looked like this.

The art department built a raised section with a few holes in it for stuntmen to drop into.

And, digitally replaced the entire surface of the field.

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