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Fascinating Images from History (37 pics)

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The last picture of Adolf Hitler, April 30, 1945
The first photograph upon discovery of Machu Picchu, 1912
Underwater detonation of 15 kiloton nuclear weapon
Lucky British soldier shows off his damaged helmet, 1917
Archduke Franz Ferdinand with his wife on the day they were assassinated by Gavrilo Princip, 28 June 1914
Einstein’s desk photographed a day after his death

Soviet soldier in the liberated village

Soldiers raising the Soviet flag over the Reichstag, Berlin 1945
Adolf Eichmann walks around the yard of his cell, Israel, April 1961
Two German soldiers and their mule wearing gas masks in WWI, 1916
British tanks maneuvering trenches during the Battle of Cambrai. France, 1917
Erwin Rommel helps to push his stuck staff car somewhere in Northern Africa, January 1941
B-32 Bomber Factory in Fort Worth, Texas,1944
Annual midnight swearing-in of Nazi SS troops, Feldherrnhalle, Munich, 1938
Spectators standing upon tables to get a glimpse of the Versailles Treaty being signed, France, 1919
Abandoned boy holding a stuffed toy animal amid ruins following German aerial bombing of London, 1940
Henry Ford receiving the Grand Cross of the German Eagle from Nazi officials, 1938
Germans testing a Messerschmitt Bf 109 E3, 1940
Hans-Georg Henke – 16 Year Old German soldier crying
A rare color photo of Adolf Hitler which shows his true eye color
Execution of a German Communist in Munich, 1919
Nazi rally in the Cathedral of Light, c. 1937

Gadget, the first atomic bomb

A dog being posed by a German soldier
The night they ended Prohibition, December 5th 1933

Liberation of Paris, August 1944

The end of WW2 is celebrated in Moscow’s Red Square, May 9, 1945
A German soldier with a badge on his chest in Stalingrad, 1942
General George S. Patton’s dog on the day of Patton’s death on December 21st, 1945
German prisoners march to Moscow after defeat at Belarus during “Operation Bagration”, 17 July 1944
German troops trying to rescue what looks like a French soldier from sinking in a mud hole. Northern France, 1914-1918

Nine Kings in one photo

Nazis singing to encourage a boycott of the allegedly Jewish-founded Woolworths, 1933
A US soldier offers his hand to a woman leaving a cave where she had hidden with her child during the battle between Japanese and American forces. Saipan, 1944
A rare shot of a young Winston Churchill, 1895
Eyes of Hate, A candid photograph of Goebbels after he finds out his photographer is Jewish
American tank crews listen as Bernard Herzog who was liberated from the camp of Santo Tomas, Manila, Philippines

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