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Historical Relics That Are Wickedly Cool (34 pics)

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Elephant armour from 17th century (India). It’s composed of 5,840 plates and weighs 118kg

Joyeuse – Charlemagne’s personal sword

Armor of George Clifford (1558–1605)

Throne of Charlemagne in Aachen. Until 1531, it served as the coronation throne the Kings of Germany, being used at a total of thirty-one coronations.

Sword with inlaid openwork hilt, Spring and Autumn period (770–476 BCE, excavated at Taigongmiao village, Yangjiagou in Baoji, Shaanxi, 1978)

Codex Gigas, so called “Devil’s Bible”. According to the legend, Lucifer himself helped in its creation.

Galileo’s original telescope

Al-Ma’thur, one of the nine swords of prophet Muhammad

Michelangelo’s Handwritten 16th-Century Grocery List

Bows, Arrows and Quiver from Genghis Khan’s army.

A yak-haired kawari kabuto in the shape of a fierce-looking but protective horned Oni demon head Japan 17th-18th century CE

The Kabwe skull – 125,000 – 300,000 year old fossilized skull of an extinct human species found in 1921, near the town of Kabwe in Zambia.

Roman gladiator helmet discovered in Pompeii (79 AD)

Perfumes used by the family of Emperor Nicholas II

Helmet of King James II (17th century)

Military Uniform of China’s Emperor Qianlong 1736-1796

Helmet from Gusoku-type armor, c. 17th C Japan

The Longsword of Emperor Maximilan I. Gold, Steel, Silver & Mother of Pearl. This Sword Represents the Zenith of the Sword Maker’s Art in Renaissance Europe.

Burmese bronze ‘dragon’ cannon, 1790

1,700-year-old sweater preserved in a Norwegian glacier

Armored woman’s dress from Austria c. 1600

Plague doctor mask (The nose cone was filled with strong smelling herbs)

Bronze Spartan shield conquered, as the inscription punched on it reveals, from the Spartans at the victory of Pylos in 425 BC. Ancient Agora Museum in Athens, around 510 BC

Universal tool. Nuremberg, from 1560 to 1570

A chefs hat recovered from the Titanic’s wreck

Anglo-Saxon Burial Mask, from around 1,400 years ago

“A Rebel and a Yankee bullet met midway, each speeding its way at about the same velocity” – a bullet rosette from the American Civil War

Queen’s pet gazelle was readied for eternity with the same lavish care as a member of the royal family. In fine, blue-trimmed bandages and a custom-made wooden coffin, it accompanied its owner to the grave in about 945 B.C.

500 year old fox shaped armor of Emperor Charles V

Mayan pipe (AD 900-1500)

A set of German playing cards from 1430

Victim of Waldemar Atterdags invasion of Visby (Sweden) in 1361

Inky paw prints left by a cat on a 15th century manuscript

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