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Totally Cringe-worthy Fails That You Will Be Glad Was Not You (49 pics)

Posted in Picdumps   16 May 2014   / 26789 views

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This kid who never saw it coming.

This girl who is so over balloons.

This guy who partied just a little too hard.

This woman who experienced first-hand the slippery slopes of fame.

This girl who no longer feels a need to be sexy.

This guy who learned the hard way that he should respect women.

This guy who was on a literal roll.

This Lebron James wannabe.

This contestant on America’s Got Talent.

This guy who deserved what was coming.

This reporter who got bested by a 5 year-old.

This girl who discovered pillow pets and pets are two very different things.

This real-life catfish victim.

This grandma who is wondering why she ever had children.

This Mr. Clean wannabe.

This designer who should have designed a stronger floor.

This woman whose dog put her to shame.

This person who shouldn’t have been doing what they were doing in the first place.

This college graduate who probably isn’t quite ready for the real world.

This kid who just can’t catch a break.

This “fisherman.”

This jabroni.

This girl who now thinks cheerleading is overrated.

This guy who overshot his target by just a touch.

This girl who only had one job.

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