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Real Ocean Creatures That Could Be from Your Worst Nightmares (12 pics)

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Goblin Shark – That elongated snout isn’t just for looks, it’s used as a sensory tool that can detect electric fields produced by other animals.
Zombie Worms – Also known as boneworms, zombie worms bore into the bones of dead whales. 
Dragonfish – These little guys (most only grow to about 6 inches long) have a special organ called a photophore that allows them to produce light and let their prey come to them. 
Anglerfish – The fish that goes fishing. Anglerfish use the growth sprouting from their heads as a lure to draw in other fish. Take a look at those teeth and you can probably guess what happens next. 
Coffinfish – You won’t want to hold this species of sea toad with your hands. Those spines will make warts the least of your worries. 
Fangtooth – These have the biggest teeth of any fish in the ocean (proportionate to body size). 
Basking Shark – The second-largest fish in the world, basking sharks use their might to feed on tiny plankton. Pick on something your own size! 
Sloane’s Viperfish – At roughly 11 inches long, their teeth are more than half of its length.
Megamouth Shark – Though smaller than its fellow planktivore the basking shark, the megamouth shark clearly has the superior name. 
Giant Isopod – These can grow to be 15x the size of regular isopods, which you’d probably also be afraid of. 
Stonefish – As if anything would bother a fish with a mug like that, stonefish have poisonous spines that stick up when threatened.
Hatchetfish – Their terrifying eyes point upward so they can spot any leftover fish food that might be falling from above.

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