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Awesome Food Trucks That You Have to Try (49 pics)

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LuLu's Local Eatery is as fresh as it gets, with a vegetable garden on the top. These sustainably sourced, all-natural, whole foods like the buffalo blue black bean burger taste as good as they sound. [St. Louis, USA]

With a chicken tikka masala burrito being the signature dish, Curry Up Now is one of the best places in the world for experimental Indian food. [San Francisco, USA]

Using their little red cook book, The Chairman serves up bold and spicy food inspired by those found on Asian streets.  [San Francisco, USA]

Two Blokes and a requisitioned British double-decker which brings incredible globally inspired street food with it. [Bloomington, Illinois, USA]

Bernie's Burger Bus serves up old school grub to those lucky enough to live in Houston. Go back to school and get incredible burgers like 'The Principal' and 'Recess'. [Houston, USA]

Since 1993, every customer that has eaten at Giovanni's White Shrimp Truck has left their mark on the vehicle, making it a truly unique and delicious experience. [Hawaii, USA]

The Biscuit Bike satisfies the cravings of man's best friend. Treats include ice cream, pup-cakes and chicken biscuits. [New York, USA]

If there's one thing you don't expect to see in Boston, it's vegetarians. Surprisingly, the city is home to one of the best vegetarian food trucks in the country. [Boston, USA]

Mammoth Mountain is inaccessible by any normal food truck. That's where Roving Mammoth Burritos comes in, delivering Burritos where they are truly needed. [Mammoth Mountain, California, USA]

Bridgeport Pastry is a fully electric, green food truck that offers freshly baked pasties, or British savory pies. [Chicago, USA]

Gourmet Grilled PB&J of Portland offer only the finest cuisine in their speciality - grilled sandwiches. Whether it be Nutella and banana or the classic Peanut Butter and Jelly, you won't be dissapointed. [Portland, USA]

Rest assured, if you ever have a pizza emergency, there are people you can call. Pizzetta Company 77 is a repurposed fire truck with a stone oven on top. [South California, USA]

This Vietnamese Sandwich shop serves out of a converted Volkswagen van. [Quezon City, Philippines]

Need we say more? The Grillenium Falcon does grilled cheese as well as they do puns. [Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA]

Maximus/Minimus is a giant grey pig on wheels, wearing sunglasses. The delicious signature dish may surprise you - BBQ pulled pork sandwiches. [Seattle, USA]

Need a taco IV to battle that hangover? Call Taco-mergency. [San Francisco, USA]

Food trucks need no longer stop where water begins. This amphibious ice cream truck delivers ice cream to those sailing down the Thames. [London, UK]

Rainbo's food is as classy as the 1948 Ford Pickup truck that it comes in. They specialise in organic gyozo, incredible Japaneses dumplings with home made coleslaw [London, UK]

900 Degreez is a massive mobile pizza parlor with its own 3500 pound wood-fired oven. Their fresh, hand made pizza competes with some of the best in the world, leaving other food trucks in the dust. [Orlando, USA]

For those in San Francisco, Del Popolo is very similar.

Big Ass Sandwiches specialises in making mouthwatering monstrosities. Words cannot describe the things that they create... [Portland, USA]

Occupying an iconic Air Stream camper, Skillet is an incredible All American food truck with delicacies such as bacon jam and pumpkin ketchup. [Seattle, USA]

Based on a World War II plane, the Gastro Bomber serves up traditional pub grub with a spicy Texas twist. [Mansfield, Texas]

Bacon is the high fructose corn syrup of meat. No matter how much you eat, you always want more. At Let There Be Bacon, this delicious gift from the heavens isn't an added extra, it's at the core of every meal. [Cleveland, Ohio, USA]

Why wouldn't you want to eat somewhere the puns are so delicious?!?!

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