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Daily Life Moments Are Hilarious in GIFs (20 gifs)

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When a girl proudly says her boyfriend doesn’t watch porn

Walking down the street with my girl and another couple passes us, and I turn my head to check the other girls ass only to find her boyfriend doing the same

When I find out the muscular, attractive douchebag at my work is also fluent in 6 languages and has a PhD.

When I pass a girl giving a dude roadhead

When I see myself on video and realize that’s what I look like

When my girlfriend says she missed her period

When I ask myself if I really do need to eat one more slice

When I see Dat Ass

When my friend drunkenly tells me he loves me!

When I let out a slient fart while leaving my friend’s room.

When my wife goes to the store and leaves me with the kids for 30 minutes

When someone passes me with the exact same perfume as my ex

When my friend asks me how I’m doing since I finished college and didn’t move back home

When I got mad at my dogs for barking so loud only to find out there was a robbery right next door.

Whenever I turn on my phone or laptop in the middle of the night

When our friend gets back together with his cheating ex and says “It’ll be different this time”.

 When my girlfriend finally gets her period after being a few days late.

When I get out of the shower and trying to decide if I can make it back to my room without any clothes on or if I should wear a towel

In middle school, when the teacher said: “Today we’re going to watch a movie.”

When I open an incognito window 

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